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MY GOLF WEEK – MY GOLF WEEK – 1st Qualifying Medal of the season & The Masters

Is this the most exciting week of the year? Quite probably, yes. It's Masters Week. First Major of the season, and the week where everyone gets massively excited about golf. Me included! I think I've watched everything that was on Sky catch up relating to the Masters. It's SUCH a good major. Also, I always have a little ... More

Lesson Number 3 with Rick Shiels at Quest Golf

After the debacle at the weekend, lesson number 3 with Rick could not come soon enough! I headed over to Quest Golf Academy not feeling particularly great about my game. I felt like I messed around with my swing throughout the entire round, and not really stuck with the things I'd been working on. So, I was completely ... More

18 Hole Saturday Competition at Howley Hall GC

Saturdays come around pretty quick these days... which is nice! This week was no exception... The sun was out, and it was time for the first 18 hole competiton of the year at Howley Hall GC as we've had a lot of rain and a lot of course maintenance done over the winter. So, it was pretty exciting to play 18.  It was a ... More

Lesson 2 with Rick Shiels at Quest Golf Academy

Time for lesson number 2 with Rick Shiels over at Quest Golf Academy. So, the first lesson with Rick was great... and certainly gave me some things to work on. However, I had a holiday straight after so never had as much time to practice as I'd have liked. But, I'm not one for excuses... not this year anyway! Once I got ... More

Under Armour Spieth One Shoe Test at Woburn GC & A Round With Seb On Golf!

As a Golfshake.com ambassador, I get to do some pretty cool things... and this was no exception. "Would you be able to go to Woburn to test and review the new Under Armour Spieth One Shoe?". I thought about it for at least a millisecond before agreeing! So, off I went to the incredible Woburn GC. After an early ... More

My first lesson with Rick Shiels

So, the new year is here, and the meant one thing… finding a new golf coach!  After looking around, I figured where better to go than Mr Rick Shiels! Yes, you’ve probably all heard of Rick… and have probably watched his videos. So have I… and I have actually used his tips myself. After all, he has one of the ... More

Callaway Epic Driver Fitting at the Callaway European Performance Centre

If you hadn't already heard, I won a pretty AMAZING prize from Callaway Golf. They ran a competition on Twitter before the release of the EPIC range, was was a bit of a spin on 'Blue Monday', supposedly the most depressing day of the year! Here's what Callaway asked everyone to do. Turned out, green was not a common ... More

Time For Some Chipping & Pitching Practice

Time For Some Chipping & Pitching Practice Well, with a new year, comes new focus.  So, we should really start as we mean to go on! On looking at my golfshake stats, it’s clear that whilst every aspect of my game needs work if I am to nail this challenge, I must pay particular attention to my short game.  I ... More

End Of Season Review 2016

Time to put down the turkey sandwich, and mountains of selection boxes and spend some time to look at my end of season review, to really assess how my game stacked up. It's time for my End Of Season Review 2016. Ok... so... did we get the outcome we wanted? Well, firstly, whilst not masking it as an excuse (well, maybe ... More

How to Fix Golfers Elbow

Ok... How To Fix Golfers Elbow. It's the most asked question in golf... maybe. Golfers elbow is annoying. Really annoying. Like toothache, or dropping your toast butter side down. You know the deal. I have been struggling with golfers elbow for a while now on and off, but this year it has been worse than ever. I'm ... More