Practice…what practice?

"Ok...let's just simmer down a little. Let's not get carried away with the 2 under par 90 we shot on Saturday. Yes, I came top of the leaderboard...but it was lucky right? Still need to practice hard this week to keep improving". These were my thoughts on Sunday. Don't get carried away. Lots and lots of work to do ... More

Saturday Comp – 26th October

    It's Saturday competition day again at The Manor. Time to put my 'work in progress' swing to the test once again. I had intended to approach today's game somewhat differently. For once, I'd decided I would actually prepare by getting to the golf club a little earlier and hit a few balls. However, ... More

Am I a golfer yet?

  This week, I promised myself that I would make one visit to the range after my lesson. Practicing the swing at home is one thing, but its hard to really know what's happening until you do it with one of those little white things staring up at you. I got myself a basket of balls and picked a spot with the ... More

Kevin – Swing Diagnosis

  The very first time Kevin asked for a golf lesson I knew that he was the type of person committed to improving his game. There is something that just seems to come off some people, you just know they are serious about what they want and what they are willing to do to achieve it.  Through teaching Kevin I ... More

Eureka moment!

    Time to get back to it and see Ryan, check in on this new swing. I'll be honest, it still doesn't really work! This is the first time I've practiced with 'actual golf balls' since my round on Saturday. I warmed up with a few on my own...and it wasn't great. After chatting with Ryan about how ... More

The Manor – Stableford Comp

  It's Saturday. That means it's comp day at my club, The Manor Golf Club in Drighlington. I play in the club comp pretty much every week and despite my below average performances (at least they're consistent!), I still give my money and enter it every week. To be honest, I really enjoy it and hope that on the ... More

Back to the drawing board!

  After my absolute disaster round at Mottram Hall last week, I came back to see Ryan. I tried to explain how gutted and demoralised I feel...already! Not good given that we are literally a week into the challenge. As Ryan explained, trying to implement such a major swing change takes time and is unlikely to ... More

De Vere Mottram Hall

  Today sees my first 18 holes since taking on the challenge, and what a lovely course to have a go on. I've played De Vere Mottram Hall a few times and it's a lovely course. I actually played in a pro am there this summer ahead of the PGA Seniors Tour event and had the pleasure of playing with Gordon Brand. ... More

The Driving Range

Just nipped up to the range to hit a sneaky basket of balls, see how this new takeaway is going.   Firstly, it's worth noting it's very windy! Aside from actually felt ok. Feeling more natural. Still not every time but you get the odd one that just felt great. Ball flight is high but because of the ... More

Time to start

It's time to start...and what better place to begin our journey than at The Manor's driving range. Currently, my ball flight is like this. All over the place! No real consistent bad shots. They kind of go all over. Some high hooks, some straight decent ones that just sound awful (poor connections that somehow I'm just ... More