Friends & supporters



Since beginning my golf challenge, I’ve been fortunate enough to receive some fantastic support from so many people. Some in particular have gone the extra mile to help, and are coming along for the ride.

Here are some of the lovely people who have been kind enough to offer to join in and get behind the challenge to the bitter end! Huge thanks to them all.



If you love golf, you’ll have heard of Rick Shiels!  Rick now has over 170,000 subscribers and has racked up over 60 million video views from golfers all over the world. Rick teaches from their Quest Golf Studio academy, along with Peter Finch. I’m super pleased Rick is coaching me this year and helping me get to single figures. Want to watch his YouTube channel? You should…! CLICK HERE 


Golfshake logo new are brilliant! Simple as that! If you don’t know what Golfshake is, it’s an online community of golfers and group organisers that provides a free golf score tracking and golf handicap service as well as a complete system to help you manage your golf groups. Thousands of golfers throughout the world currently use to track their scores, analyse their game and get a handicap. Get registered and use it to track your game. Such a great way to improve.


MPFit Gym is fast becoming the most talked about training facility in Yorkshire. They pride themselves on continued improvement in their methods and facilities to get you stronger, faster and improve your sporting performance. It must be good as they have Team GB lifters training there. I’m working with Miles, co-owner and a widely renowned a strength and conditioning coach who assures me he can help my swing with some golf specific training. He can help your swing too. Get in touch with him here.
Hacker to single Figures - JWhitaker Golf
The team at JWhitaker golf, led by James Whitaker are supporting my all the way, from their amazing facilities at Moor Allerton GC. James is one of the best custom fitters in the UK as well as a pretty handy coach too!

state-125 is one of the top mental game coaching websites out there. Run by Mental Game Coach, David MacKenzie, it’s full of great coaching articles on the mental game, short game and putting to take your game to the next level. David is helping rid me of my on-course demons! Get a free mental game fundamentals eBook at his website now and help your game!


To everyone else who has sent messages, tweets or lent a hand in some way…thanks to you too. It means so much. Hope I do you all proud!