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MY GOLF WEEK – MY GOLF WEEK – 1st Qualifying Medal of the season & The Masters

Is this the most exciting week of the year? Quite probably, yes. It's Masters Week. First Major of the season, and the week where everyone gets massively excited about golf. Me included! I think I've watched everything that was on Sky catch up relating to the Masters. It's SUCH a good major. Also, I always have a little ... More

And we’re off… I’m trying again for a lower handicap

So, after much rain, cold and other pretty awful weather, the 2016 golf season has finally started! As well as the season, I'm trying again for a lower handicap! Together with James Whitaker, I'll actually be taking some time to play, practice, play and practice some more this season... not like last year! Winter has ... More

A great way to start the season

Well, it gives me great pleasure to be able to start the latest update with some good news… the first trophy of the season has been secured! What a great way to start the season. But, before I run through those details, let's just jump back a couple of steps. You may remember when I wrote the last update, I was ... More

I’ve got the chipping yips like Tiger!

For possibly the only time ever in my life, Tiger  Woods and my good self have something in common. No, its not our love of a red golf shirt, nor is it a love of Van Halen. It would appear that I've got the chipping yips like Tiger! We’ve all sat in front of the TV watching Tiger on his last couple of outings, no ... More

I went for a Driver Fitting

This has been a long time coming, but I finally went to JWhitaker Golf for a Driver Fitting… and I’m so glad I did! I’ve been struggling a lot with my driver recently. Part of the struggle is down to technique, as I have a tendency to over use my hands and close the clubface. But, I was keen to see if an additio... More

My golf game is a bit rusty…

Well, its fair to say my golf game is a bit rusty! Not sure what it’s been like for you, but we’ve had some snow, that really bloody annoying snow that just won’t go. It came, stayed a while and just when it had disappeared it came again… The net effect of said white stuff was that my last round of golf before ... More

Setting my golf goals for the new season

So, it’s that time when we set our golf goals for the new season, and as you’ll know, mine are pretty clear. But, it is a good time to take stock, and figure out a solid plan of attack, so that come the start of the season, I’m 100% ready to go and chase down my challenge. Ryan from JWhitaker Golf has been ... More

Anyone for a Rory McIlroy Golf Body…?

The last couple of weeks I haven’t played a lot of actual golf. Firstly, its that festive time of year when you have shed loads going on and secondly, we’ve been sharing lots of family illness! If you have young children, you’ll have sympathy on this one. It feels like we’ve been less than 100% for the last three ... More

Time to have a playing lesson.

Time to have a playing lesson. It would appear winter is here then. Not sure if you’re finding it the same on your courses, but it’s tough out there at the minute. Having had some reasonable practice through the week, and a good lesson with Ryan at JWhitaker Golf, I was looking forward to Saturday. Unfortunately, ... More

It’s all about my alignment on the golf course!

It’s all about my alignment on the golf course! Just thought I’d do a quick update after my lesson today…where it was apparent where most of my issues are coming from. My alignment on the golf course. After having a shocking couple of rounds over the weekend, my trip to see Ryan Rastall at JWhitaker Golf could ... More