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All work and no play, makes for an unhappy golfer! So, last week I tried to actually get out and do some practice. So... that's exactly what I did! When I play at other courses, I seem to do fairly well and certainly have some reasonably good scores. However, when it comes to Howley Hall, its a very different story! ... More


Golf. What a bloody game!!! Having not played or practiced as much as I would have liked... I had two rounds in two days. I didn't really have that much expectation to be honest, but felt pretty good and completely refreshed. My first round was at Doncaster GC, followed by the medal at Howley Hall GC. Wow... how ... More


Putters. I always find it's a love hat relationship with them. Most recently, mine is mostly a hate relationship!! Having struggled with my putter for quite a while now... I decided enough was enough, and get a new one! However, rather than going to eBay, I'd go and get one that was actually right for me, and my putting ... More

Getting Fitted For New Cobra Golf F7 Irons

Rick Shiels help me establish that my Irons were just not right for me. So, I went for a fitting with my club PGA Professional Ryan Rastall at Howley Hall GC. After having the fitting for my Callaway GBB Epic Driver earlier this year, I realised the importance of having equipment that is right for you and your golf ... More

MY GOLF WEEK – MY GOLF WEEK – 1st Qualifying Medal of the season & The Masters

Is this the most exciting week of the year? Quite probably, yes. It's Masters Week. First Major of the season, and the week where everyone gets massively excited about golf. Me included! I think I've watched everything that was on Sky catch up relating to the Masters. It's SUCH a good major. Also, I always have a little ... More

18 Hole Saturday Competition at Howley Hall GC

Saturdays come around pretty quick these days... which is nice! This week was no exception... The sun was out, and it was time for the first 18 hole competiton of the year at Howley Hall GC as we've had a lot of rain and a lot of course maintenance done over the winter. So, it was pretty exciting to play 18.  It was a ... More

Wise Words From Arnold Palmer…

I remember reading the following quote some years ago from the legendary Arnold Palmer... "It's a funny thing. The more I practice, the luckier I get!" That seems strangely apt after my performance last weekend! Coming off the high of a good round and into the next week's competition is always tough. The distinct ... More

Swing Analysis & Stableford Competitions!

As promised, I got to see James from JWhitaker Golf and let him have a look at my swing. We had a chat about my game and watched some of my shots from The Centurion Club. It didn't make for particularly pleasant viewing or listening if I'm being totally honest. It certainly wasn't the kind of golf game that would be ... More