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Golf. What a bloody game!!! Having not played or practiced as much as I would have liked... I had two rounds in two days. I didn't really have that much expectation to be honest, but felt pretty good and completely refreshed. My first round was at Doncaster GC, followed by the medal at Howley Hall GC. Wow... how ... More

MY GOLF WEEK – MY GOLF WEEK – 1st Qualifying Medal of the season & The Masters

Is this the most exciting week of the year? Quite probably, yes. It's Masters Week. First Major of the season, and the week where everyone gets massively excited about golf. Me included! I think I've watched everything that was on Sky catch up relating to the Masters. It's SUCH a good major. Also, I always have a little ... More

A Golf trophy & a new handicap!

Progress, a golf trophy and a new handicap. That is the theme of this update! Whilst I'm sat here at the airport awaiting my holiday flight, I figured I should write a quick one, and this time...the news isn't too bad! As you'll know if you read my most recent update, the last round out was a decent one. The front 9 ... More

There’s a single figure golfer inside!

After my last post, you may remember my joy at shooting a 40 in the Eclectic competition, and feeling that the rounds of a single figure golfer are getting closer. You may also remember my handicap being reduced to 18.1 after that performance. Then, there was some doubt whether or not the reduction was correct, or a ... More