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All work and no play, makes for an unhappy golfer! So, last week I tried to actually get out and do some practice. So... that's exactly what I did! When I play at other courses, I seem to do fairly well and certainly have some reasonably good scores. However, when it comes to Howley Hall, its a very different story! ... More

It’s all about my alignment on the golf course!

It’s all about my alignment on the golf course! Just thought I’d do a quick update after my lesson today…where it was apparent where most of my issues are coming from. My alignment on the golf course. After having a shocking couple of rounds over the weekend, my trip to see Ryan Rastall at JWhitaker Golf could ... More

Very much an average golfer!

Very much an average golfer The plan was to play a whole lot of golf this last week. That didn’t quite go to plan... again! That said, got a decent amount in, and certainly enough to perform better than I did. I was very much an average golfer. As I started the week, my handicap is currently sat at 15.4. I have 4 ... More

I need some swing fixes… anyone help?

I need some swing fixes... anyone help? The golf challenge has hit a bit of a plateau at the minute. Actually, no it hasn't, it's hit a bloody great big wall! No joke, I'm struggling and am in serious need of some swing fixes. I'll be totally honest with you, it really pains me to write this update after the pre ... More

Inspired by The US Open

It's Sunday evening, and I'm sitting here watching the US Open, and seeing Martin Kaymer rip it up with a 5 shot lead. Yesterday at The Manor wasn't my finest golf. Actually, if I'm being totally honest, it was probably the worst golf I’ve played in a long time. I won't give a detailed description of the round, as I ... More

Golf in Turkey

Golf in Turkey is very highly regarded now in the golf world. It would be rude not to give it a sample whilst on my hols right…despite deciding I would have a ‘golf break’. We’re staying near Altinkum, which is on the South West coast, several hours away from Belek, where most of the golf in Turkey is played. ... More

Just Play Golf…

How can I simplify things and just play golf? It’s not that difficult a concept is it? Hit the little white thing up the fairway, go find it and hit it again. JUST PLAY GOLF…for the good of the challenge!! Somewhere along the line, my brain isn’t playing ball. Let's start this latest update with Saturday’s ... More

Where was the Adam Scott swing?

I’m writing this watching the Arnold Palmer Invitational, and watching the man who has the swing I want, Adam Scott! Suffice to say, on Saturday… I most certainly did not have a swing that came anywhere near that of the swing of Adam Scott. As you will know if you read my previous post, I’ve been watch the swing ... More

Too focused on the golf ball?

It's early February, and we really need to get the challenge heading in the right direction. As regular readers will know, I'm hitting it reasonable well on the range, but currently am partial to mid game meltdowns whilst on the course. Early on in the challenge Ryan had determined that I had some serious issues with my ... More

Taking my golf swing on holiday

Time to take my new golf swing on the road!   This week was always going to be an interesting one for the challenge as I'm on a family holiday. I knew that it was essential I got some kind of golf practice in, so took my new golf swing on holiday with us too! I took a case big enough to fit my wedge, 6 balls and ... More