18 Hole Saturday Competition at Howley Hall GC

Saturdays come around pretty quick these days… which is nice! This week was no exception…

The sun was out, and it was time for the first 18 hole competiton of the year at Howley Hall GC as we’ve had a lot of rain and a lot of course maintenance done over the winter. So, it was pretty exciting to play 18.  It was a team competition with the best two to score on each hole… and it wasn’t a qualifier, so a good test if nothing else.

I’ve practiced quite a bit over the past week, and of course got a couple of lessons in the bag with Rick Shiels now, so I was feeling pretty good going into this round. Besides, what could be so hard? A nice gentle way to ease yourself back in?

Well. It didn’t work out so well.


Here’s the video…