A Golf trophy & a new handicap!

Progress, a golf trophy and a new handicap. That is the theme of this update!

Whilst I’m sat here at the airport awaiting my holiday flight, I figured I should write a quick one, and this time…the news isn’t too bad!

As you’ll know if you read my most recent update, the last round out was a decent one. The front 9 in fact was the best I’ve ever scored (a 39 gross).

The competition was a medal, but no ordinary Medal. This one came complete with a golf trophy for the winner. It was The Manor Major.

I received my usual email from the club with the results. I shot a net 66, 6 under my handicap. Would it be enough to claim my first golf trophy??

Well, firstly…I won my division. Pretty chuffed with that. Secondly, I shot the lowest net score of the day. Did that mean I would win the Manor Major golf trophy?

Turns out I did! My first proper golf trophy! The biggest win though, was this email.


My handicap was cut from 19.9 to 17.8. This, is major progress. Yes, it’s lovely to win a golf trophy, but the goal of the challenge was always about a handicap.

I really feel like my game is really moving forward after a long and difficult winter and this handicap reduction is the prize.

Had a quick check in with Ryan too, and he seems genuinely pleased at where we’re at with my golf swing. He’s confident we can get there. I’m hitting some good positions right through the swing, and am pretty close to being on plane throughout. I still need to work on hip rotation, but it’s certainly going in the right direction.



Now, as the proud owner of a golf trophy I need to keep the wheels moving. This could proved tricky as I’m going on a two week holiday! I have no clubs or practice aids with me.

I do plan to play once or twice whilst in Turkey, but that will be it. Hopefully the break won’t be too destructive. Some say that it can often help.

For now, the jury’s out!