A low golf handicap is drifting away

A low golf handicap is drifting away

For the first time, I’m starting to doubt the challenge and me achieving it. The aim was to get a single figure by the last club competition of the year and as things are right now, that feels highly unlikely. I massively feel like a low handicap is drifting away, before I’ve even got close to it. I know that may sound a little negative, but at the minute that’s how I’m feeling.

Here’s the thing. I’ve simply not been playing enough handicap effective golf at this, the most crucial part of the challenge.

Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t hung up the clubs and surrendered. Far from it in fact, I’m still pretty determined mentally, but other circumstances have prevented me playing in the club comps, the competitions that can deliver handicap reductions (and increases!). I have been away for the last two weekends, so no comp golf for me, and I’m away this weekend too. So, yet again, no golf.

I did play last weekend. Actually, I played Friday (at Woodsome Hall) and on Saturday (at De Vere Mottram Hall). There were moments during both rounds which had some real positives to my golf game.

At Woodsome Hall, it was a charity day with a shotgun start. We started on the 6th and got off to a shocker. After my first shot, I was playing 3 off the tee! But after 4 holes I settled down and played some really nice golf. Was hitting it great off the tee, which felt fantastic, as it has been pretty erratic of late. Hit some lovely iron shots too. Never really got the greens, and my short game let me down quite a lot, but over the last 11 holes I was only +9 (gross). The 1st was a particular highlight, having hit a huge drive straight down the middle and a lovely pitching wedge to 6ft. I missed the birdie putt, but I played the hole beautifully.

A Low Golf Handicap - Woodsome Hall

At Mottram Hall, it was a similar story. Some great golf, mixed in with some pretty ropey stuff too! Despite a pretty scrappy double on the 1st, I played the rest of the front 9 really well. Was solid off the tee again, and played more nice iron shots. On the Par 5 9th (490 yards), I hit a cracking tee shot, right up the middle about 280 yards. Then smashed a 3 wood that hit the front of the green, but just didn’t stop and trickled off the back. As I hit it, I really thought an eagle was on! Still, I was made up with an easy birdie. Just more short game mishaps really that prevented a low score. I was +6 after 9, which I was again pretty chuffed with.

The back 9 was a different story. Started ok, but then went on a run of scoring only a 6 on every hole. It totally got in my head and ruined the last few holes.

Yes, its true, I have played some golf. So, why the negative Norris I hear you say?

Well, I only have 5 more weekends of club competitions that I can play in where my golf handicap can be adjusted, and really I’ll need to play in both Saturday and Sunday matches to really give it a good shot. I’m not sure I’ll remain married if that happens!

Also, I’ve been struggling to see Ryan as he’s been so busy. In fact, I don’t think we’ve had any time together for over 2 months now. It’s been fortunate my company are doing some work with James Whitaker, which has meant he’s been kind enough to give me a sneaky few short game tips.

I think the final ‘issue’ has been that old thing we call work. The last few weeks have been really busy, and the next few look to be much the same. That has meant early starts and late finishes, all of which have not left any time for practice.

Now you can understand why I think a low golf handicap is drifting away. The pressure is really on… and I’m feeling it!

I guess there has been one slight positive though. You will remember from the past few posts that I got some new Nike golf clubs (my lovely Nike VRS irons & my Nike Covert Driver). You’ll also remember our relationship was a little frosty to begin with. Well, we’re now getting along much better! I think because the golf I’ve been playing was not handicap effective, it’s meant less pressure on me performing with them. What that has meant, was that we have had more time to make friends and learn to love each other. I think it’s worked, as now I’m rather fond of them!

A Low Golf Handicap - Nike Irons

So I need to try and find a way to keep motivated, and get myself back into the same routine I had earlier in the summer. I have to get a low golf handicap. Failure is not an option.

I also need to find a way to be allowed to play both Saturdays and Sundays for the next five weeks. Anyone have any tips on doing this without it leading to divorce??!!!