Where was the Adam Scott swing?

I’m writing this watching the Arnold Palmer Invitational, and watching the man who has the swing I want, Adam Scott! Suffice to say, on Saturday… I most certainly did not have a swing that came anywhere near that of the swing of Adam Scott.

Adam Scott

As you will know if you read my previous post, I’ve been watch the swing of Adam Scott quite a lot. It’s officially brilliant! As I watch him on my telly right now, even though he’s under a little bit of pressure (he’s currently just 1 shot clear) his swing is still 100% solid, and perfect.

Mine was not.

Saturday was a particularly poor display…. again! It was a pretty nice day too, and the course is really starting to look great. Unfortunately, my golf is NOT!

9th - No Adam Scott here!

I have no idea what’s happening. The disappointing thing is that I’d practiced relatively hard this week. Nothing in comparison to the guys like Adam Scott and his PGA buddies, but for an amateur club golfer I put in some decent time. My swing is good on the range, its consistent and repeatable and my ball striking is half decent too. Sometimes I actually look like a golfer. Yet for some reason, after a few holes on the golf course it all goes out of the window.

It was a 4 ball better ball this week, so I don’t even know what I scored. One thing I’m sure, it was definitely not under my handicap!

As per usual, I started ok…not tearing it up, but steady away. Then, the demons arrive and I over think every shot. It’s so bad that despite talking to myself before the shots about what I’m going to do, focusing on the target and picturing the shot etc etc, I still find myself thinking about the mechanics of the swing. I bet Adam Scott doesn’t do that! The thing is, its not even like its just one thought… my mind is full of them.

This picture totally sums it up!


swnig thoughts


I really didn’t hit the ball well and yet again, it was another disappointing round. I feel a little bit like a broken record at the minute! I know good consistent golf is in there somewhere. I’m absolutely capable of shooting decent consistent rounds; I just need to fix my mental state on the course.

This is a great article from golf mental coach David MacKenzie from Golf State Of Mind who is trying to help me with my swing thoughts for golf. Clearly, I’m struggling with this.

However, turn that frown around, it wasn’t all bad on Saturday. There had been some creative folk around our course early Saturday morning who decided to create a masterpiece in the 14th greenside bunker. They must have known I was on the way as their display was exactly what I’d been calling myself most of the round!

Have a look at this – 10/10 for rake design!


Creative raking


This week will be dedicated to more of the same as last week. More time with Ryan both on and off the course, and as much time as possible working on my mental state of mind. Oh, and of course more time spent on youtube watching the golf swing of Adam Scott!

The other exciting thing this week, I’m going to see James Whitaker at Moor Allerton Golf Club for a custom fitting. I’m pretty sure my current clubs (2008 purchase, eBay special!) are not helping. I’ve also had lots of advice from Twitter folk that a custom fit really will make a difference. Hopefully, once James has had a look at my clubs and swing on the brilliant Trackman kit, he’ll have a definite answer.

As hard as it is, I’m trying not to get disheartened by the performances of late. I know I can play well, but I need to start showing it. Everyone has a golf slump right? Even Adam Scott!


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