Back to the drawing board!



After my absolute disaster round at Mottram Hall last week, I came back to see Ryan. I tried to explain how gutted and demoralised I feel…already! Not good given that we are literally a week into the challenge. As Ryan explained, trying to implement such a major swing change takes time and is unlikely to work on the course for a while yet. I need to be more patient.

Task number 1 – lower my expectations!

So…back to the lesson.

After about 3 shots (literally!), Ryan pointed out my takeaway had slipped back into the old one again without me even realising. I really felt like I was doing great. It’s only when I look at a video of my backswing that I see the error of my ways. Time to start again.

We went right back to basics, starting with posture. Again, funny how you feel like you’re doing things right and are in a good position at address. Until someone sticks the shaft of a club on your back to show how the angle of your spine should really feel. Seems once again I was way out. Upright, rounded back, club too close etc etc. I did not resemble Justin Rose at set address that’s for sure. John Daly perhaps! This address & posture wasn’t helping me to be able to rotate.

Next on the list…more takeaway. We spent a while just getting to the first position. A neat trick from Ryan was to place a basket on the floor and make me feel like my club head was just going over the top of it, then start my wrist cock to get into a position so the tee we now placed in the butt of the club was pointing between my feet and ball.

The next move from this was the biggest change for me. From here, I had just been using my arms and because of posture, lack of understanding and general rubbish-ness had very little hip or shoulder rotation. So, now my only thought from this position one is to ROTATE. Rotate my shoulders as far as I can…then do it a little more!

It actually felt pretty uncomfortable, but I can understand the scientific & gravitational reason ‘why’ this would work. Makes total sense right? Not only that, but my ball flight did show immediate improvement. Amazing!

Its funny how a couple of fairly small changes in body position can deliver quite dramatic changes in results…and quickly. I’m impressed. I also left the range with a (little) spring in my step!

The key now is to practice this feeling and getting my rigid body into these positions. So, instead of doing the ironing whilst watching the soaps, I’ll be swinging a sand wedge! I also think I might need some WD40!