Another poor round of golf!

After a good week of practice, it’s time for another round of golf.


We had an 8.12 tee time and it was a damp, misty and muddy Saturday morning. It was so misty, you couldn’t see past 50 yards! This was going to be interesting.

Firstly, I should say I felt odd ahead of my incoming round of golf. I’ve worked quite hard with Ryan on my driving over the past couple of weeks, and it’s feeling great. I’m also hitting it really well, in fact, the best I ever have. We’ve worked hard on my takeaway, which is helping me get the club in the right position to start the down swing. I’m starting to actually feel some confidence with it too. That along with my massively improved iron play and I should be feeling good ahead of this round of golf right?


This week, I’ve massively struggled with my short game. Having done a little bit of work on it this week, it has really thrown me. I’ve been shanking every chip… and I mean EVERY chip! I’ve also changed my putting grip, which I haven’t really tried out. So, it’s left me hugely confident with half of my game, dreading having to use the other half. Not a good mental state before going on course.

Now that you’ve all guessed the outcome of today’s round of golf, I’ll try and summarise it fairly quickly.

I think I’d already told myself my short game would be bad before I started, and it really was. The worst it’s been in months. It started on the 1st with a duffed chip after my second shot landing short of the green. It was the first time I’d picked up the wedge and I was caught between so many thoughts if was only ever going to end badly. After 2 poor chips and some poor putting I started with a double bogey. This was the beginning of a bad round of golf.

Coming off the 9th, I was already 4 over my handicap of 20. What was really disappointing was that for the first time in months I was putting myself in great positions off the tee (apart from the dreaded 4th where my first disappeared into the trees!). I think every shot with my driver hit the fairway. Irons were for the most part good too. I lost all my shots from 90 yards in. Even my putting was poor. This was looking like it could be my poorest round of golf in weeks.

I guess this is what happens when you’re going through some changes. It’s the peaks and troughs! The fact that I’ve meddled with driving and chipping and putting all at the same time probably hasn’t helped.

As we carried on through the back 9 it didn’t really improve that much. I started on the 12th (10 and 11 were still closed) with an 8 after losing a ball. My first bad tee shot. It took me until 16 to find a par, and at 17 I got another. Too little too late.

Golf Swing
I was right with my mid round assessment; it was my worst round of golf in months. I finished the back 4 over my handicap, which left me 8 over my handicap for 16 holes. I played to 28, which is just not good enough. My target of consistent rounds of golf in the 90s by the end of January felt far away walking off 18.

Still, as hard as this is, I need to stay positive. My driving was rubbish two weeks ago, now it’s good. My chipping is rubbish now, but with practice I’ll fix that too. Once I have that and with a bit more positive mental attitude I’m sure we can make some pretty big leaps forward.

I’m currently writing this in Manchester airport, as I’m going for a cheeky week of sun in Egypt with the family. However, this will be a week where I’m focussing my practice… as well as having some lovely time with my family. I have taken a bag that’s big enough to fit my wedge and a handful if balls, so I can really get the feel of my chipping back. I’ve also got two Bob Rotella audiobooks; ‘Golf is a game of confidence’ and ‘Golf is not a game of perfect’. Dr Bob is always there to help with the mental side!

Will this help my golf?

Whilst in Sharm El Sheik, I also plan to play a round of golf at Jolie Ville Golf, which looks like an amazing course. They also have some pretty good practice facilities too, so if I can sneak another afternoon there I will!

Fingers crossed, by the time I’m back onto the course in the UK, I’ll be able to put it all together and get the good round of golf my swing deserves!