The Challenge has a Boys Golf Trip!

The Challenge has a Boys Golf Trip!

This weekend, the challenge had a boys golf trip away! I went to Forest Pines for a weekend, to play some golf and celebrate my friend’s birthday. What’s not to like!

Well…firstly, the weather!

I know you shouldn’t expect too much when planning a golf trip in November, unless you’re lucky enough to head off to the Algarve. When going to Lincolnshire, lower your weather expectations.

Secondly, on the morning of departure… I woke at 5am feeling a little unwell. By 6am, I’d puked and felt pretty awful.

So…we weren’t off to a good start!

Our tee off time on Saturday was 11am. By the time we arrived at the tee…the rain wasn’t actually too bad. An umbrella was required, but it wasn’t the torrential downpour that requires armbands…

There was a lot riding on this game of golf. Pride, money and of course, bragging rights. The pressure on the first tee was immense!

On the front 9 (we played the Forest), I played brilliantly. It was odd really. Despite the weather, I was totally in the zone. I was really solid off the tee, hit some fantastic iron shots and even my short game was in good shape.  Everytime I stood over the ball, I had the utmost confidence the ball was going to go where I intended. My ball striking was really solid, and my swing felt great. I was totally ‘in the zone’. The only slight issue was my putting, but the greens were so wet you were putting through water.

I finished the front with 19 points, and that was with a no score.  With a game like this, my boys golf trip was going to be most enjoyable!

Then, the back 9 was strange.  Perhaps it was the golfing gods giving me a gentle reminder to ‘not get carried away’! I was like a totally different golfer. I lost the ability to hit the ball! The more poor shots I hit, the more confidence I lost.

Boys Golf Trip_Ducks



Putting got even trickier too as the rain seemed to get a little heavier…not that these guys minded…




I’d also really started to feel ill again. I just had absolutely no energy; barely enough to walk let alone swing a club… and my game really showed it. By the time we got to the 16th (a long par 3 over water), I’d had enough. Everything was wet, my golf was awful and the rain was really heavy…

After a rest, I played the last two holes…but didn’t score on either. I finished the back 9 with a shocking 12 points, 31 points in total. What a rubbish score! The clubhouse has never looked so inviting!

On Sunday, I felt a whole lot better and the weather had improved massively too. The course was still pretty wet, but it was sunny!! Surely this would signal a return to form on this boy’s golf trip?


Yet again, couldn’t hit a thing! Despite all the things I was thinking about trying to do, none of it happened. If you’ve read the blog of late, you’ll know I’ve been working on clubface at impact as I’ve been hooking the golf ball. Well, clearly I’ve not been practicing it enough as I hooked everything off the tee! Why could I just not play like I had on the front 9 on Saturday?

This is the frustration that I would suggest 99.9% of us amateur golfers get. We know we can play well on our day. We know we have a game capable of scoring well consistently. But, for some reason, we just can’t pull it out of the bag on demand. That’s what sets folk like me apart from the guys with those Cat 1 handicaps, who’s bad rounds mean the odd bogey.

The whole round was pretty average. We played the ‘Beeches’ for the first 9, which was poor for me. Mostly due to poor tee shots meaning I kept losing balls under the leaves! Lost balls = no scores!

The only real highlight was the ‘Forest’ par 3 16th (the one over water we played yesterday).

Boys Golf Trip_Birdie


I hit a lovely 5 iron to about 3 ft, and managed to make birdie for 4 points. That tidied the score up a little. Apart from that and the previous days first 9 holes, my game was distinctly average, although I halved the back 9 with a very scrappy 17 points.




So…its back to the drawing board, with my confidence bashed a little. I know I can produce decent golf…I just can’t do it consistently. What is the key to doing that? Answers on a postcard please!