Carry or Electric Golf trolley – The great golf trolley debate!

Carry or Electric Golf trolley – The great golf trolley debate!

If you read my last blog, you’ll know that after taking advice from many of you, I’ve ditched the carry bag and am now the proud owner of a Powakaddy FW3 electric golf trolley.

Later today, I’m playing a planned 18 holes and I have to tell you, I could not be more grateful that Powakaddy helped me and the challenge out by producing this trolley. Let me tell you why…

golf is a game of stupid - trolley

Yesterday, I did The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge for Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice. As a result, my legs feel like lead weights! If it wasn’t for the electric golf trolley, there is no way I’d even be considering going out!

Over the past few weeks since I started trying to convince my wife to allow me to purchase an electric golf trolley, I was involved in ‘the great electric golf trolley debate’. So, which is it to be? Carry or electric golf trolley? This debate is one that should probably be discussed here too.

So, my generally very supportive wife was dead set against me having one, as she was of the firm belief that electric trolleys are for ‘the older gent’ and not for relatively fit people (yes, I consider myself in that bracket!) in their late thirties. It seems it’s not only my wife who thinks like this too. On Thursday, I played in a golf day at Worsley Park (a fine golf course by the way). When I turned up at the practice area with my new pride and joy, my friends immediate reaction was ‘since when did you become an old man?’

Now, I have researched the great electric golf trolley debate and the question many of us ask ourselves; which way should I go? Carry or electric golf trolley? Are electric ones just for somewhat older / lazy folk or is it significantly better for us all to power up rather than carry? Surely there’s a reason the guys on tour don’t carry their own clubs given the vast majority are highly tuned athletes? I’m certain that if it was better for him and gave him an advantage, Tiger would carry his own golf clubs.

For most of us, an average round of golf takes around 4 hours and we walk around 5 miles. During our round, we hit the ball between 70 and 100 times (I’d like to be nearer the lower end of that figure!). That’s a lot of time and energy spent getting to the next shot. Then, add into the mix a bag that weighs around 15kg hanging off your shoulders that you get on and off over 70 times (sometimes nearer 90 times!). Surely that means by the time you do get to your shot, there’s a reasonable chance you’re going to be knackered, which we all know isn’t going to end well. The 18th at The Manor is a great example of this. It’s a long uphill par 5, which is hard to walk at the best of times. Add into the mix the previous 17 holes and carrying your clubs and it makes for a pretty painful hole! So, why wouldn’t we use an electric trolley to make our life a little bit easier physically in the hope it helps our next shot?

When I played with Rick from Stromberg the other week (he hammered me in case you were wondering!), he had his electric trolley. When I asked him about his reasons for not carrying, he told me he used to have to have lots of physio on his back, largely due to carrying his clubs. His physio had said to him, ‘Rick, all the money your spending on me fixing your back would surely be better spent getting an electric trolley, then you wouldn’t have to come and see me!’. Wise words doc! After he told me this, I looked into the medical impact too… surely this would provide evidence to present to my unapproving wife?

Turns out that Rick’s physio may have had a point. I found a report by a fellow called Dr Roger Hawkes, who is a specialist in sports medicine. This particular doc believes that all golfers who carry their own bag would do well to consider using motorised trolley.

He says “While some might argue that carrying enhances their overall fitness, my feeling is that competitive golfers should be looking to the gym for fitness work and to the golf course for performing. It is obvious that golfers need to be aware of good posture and also of avoiding putting undue strain on their golfing muscles,” he said.

“It cannot be helpful to be constantly picking up a golf bag placing it on the shoulder, walking up to 250 yards, sometimes over steep or uneven ground, putting the bag down, playing a shot, and then repeating the procedure over a period of, say, four hours.” he added.

“Even among the young, fit and healthy, it can lead to muscle strain, especially in the back and shoulders. Among the middle-aged and elderly more serious physical stresses and strains can be caused.”

I found this article too, written by Martin Vousden on which backs up all the above. That surely helps to prove my point? Medical professionals reckon carrying is bad. Rory, Tiger and their PGA chums must also think it’s bad otherwise they’d do it.

We’re all (I’m as guilty as the next golfer!) happy to spend our hard earned cash on the latest clubs that we’re told will help us to ‘hit the ball further / straighter’ etc. But we’re not told that you’d maybe save a few shot by buying an electric trolley as you’ll be less tired.

So, that right there is the great electric golf trolley debate. What is it to be; carry or electric golf trolley? In my opinion, there is enough evidence to prove electric trolleys are the way to go. They’re not just for the older gent, or lazy people, we can all share the electric trolley advantage!

I for one am certainly looking forward to testing out this theory!