It's been a while since I've seen Rick, so this was a much needed catch up. Generally, my game has been ok and I've certainly been striking my irons better, albeit not with the consistency I would want from round to round. However, there is a club in my bag that has been really misbehaving... THE DRIVER! If you ... More



OK... time for another golf lesson with Rick Shiels over at Quest Golf Academy. I have to say, I bloody love having lessons with Rick. Love his coaching style and love how he makes you feel so good about your game. I've still been having some issues with my ball striking, so this is what we focussed on. WATCH THE ... More

Lesson Number 3 with Rick Shiels at Quest Golf

Lesson Number 3 with Rick Shiels at Quest Golf

After the debacle at the weekend, lesson number 3 with Rick could not come soon enough! I headed over to Quest Golf Academy not feeling particularly great about my game. I felt like I messed around with my swing throughout the entire round, and not really stuck with the things I'd been working on. So, I was completely ... More


Lesson 2 with Rick Shiels at Quest Golf Academy

Time for lesson number 2 with Rick Shiels over at Quest Golf Academy. So, the first lesson with Rick was great... and certainly gave me some things to work on. However, I had a holiday straight after so never had as much time to practice as I'd have liked. But, I'm not one for excuses... not this year anyway! Once I got ... More


My first lesson with Rick Shiels

So, the new year is here, and the meant one thing… finding a new golf coach!  After looking around, I figured where better to go than Mr Rick Shiels! Yes, you’ve probably all heard of Rick… and have probably watched his videos. So have I… and I have actually used his tips myself. After all, he has one of the ... More

Improve My Putting

I MUST improve my putting

‘You’ve never had a putting lesson’ said James Whitaker? I defended myself by saying my putting was actually ‘quite good’ and therefore, I never actually thought I needed one. So, we had a look through some of my recent stats: Over the last 10 rounds, my putting average was 34 putts per round (8 of those ... More

A Rory McIlroy Golf Body

Anyone for a Rory McIlroy Golf Body…?

The last couple of weeks I haven’t played a lot of actual golf. Firstly, its that festive time of year when you have shed loads going on and secondly, we’ve been sharing lots of family illness! If you have young children, you’ll have sympathy on this one. It feels like we’ve been less than 100% for the last three ... More

Time to have a playing lesson.

Time to have a playing lesson. It would appear winter is here then. Not sure if you’re finding it the same on your courses, but it’s tough out there at the minute. Having had some reasonable practice through the week, and a good lesson with Ryan at JWhitaker Golf, I was looking forward to Saturday. Unfortunately, ... More

Alignment_Driver_Hacker to Single Figures

It’s all about my alignment on the golf course!

It’s all about my alignment on the golf course! Just thought I’d do a quick update after my lesson today…where it was apparent where most of my issues are coming from. My alignment on the golf course. After having a shocking couple of rounds over the weekend, my trip to see Ryan Rastall at JWhitaker Golf could ... More

Stop Hooking The Ball - Love Trackman

Stop hooking the golf ball!

Stop hooking the golf ball! One of my problems of late, has been hooking the golf ball...or as I like to call it, my extreme draw! It's a shot I need to fix if I'm going to smash the challenge. Actually, even to get close! It's not a snap hook, or anything that destructive. The ball sets off fairly straight, but then ... More