Consistent golf, hangovers and NR’s!

Last week, I discovered that my consistent golf game hadn’t made the journey back from Turkey.

This week, I’ve slowly tried to get the golf swing I had before the holiday back, and play some consistent golf. I managed to get out for a few holes on Monday and felt much better with my golf swing than I did on Saturday. Still, it was clear I was still some way from having my consistent golf back.

On Tuesday, it was the 9 hole eclectic competition. I played much better, but wasn’t very consistent. I putted badly and was really struggling off the tee. Could only manage a 47. Nowhere near the low 40s I was shooting PH (pre holiday!).

Wednesday felt like it was a real turning point as I got to spend some time with Ryan. I’ve not really spent much time with him of late as I’ve been trying to play at every spare opportunity, but it’s always so beneficial when I do. He’s able to fix any slight issues in a flash! The magic of a good PGA pro that knows your swing well.

I told him my issues and how my consistent golf had vanished! Turns out I’d slipped back into my poor takeaway. I was coming around my body and not turning my shoulders. This meant I wasn’t generating any width and was putting myself in a poor position at the top of the backswing. He gave me a couple of drills and within 10 balls I was striking it beautifully again. Phew…

I know I’ve said this before, but if you want to get better, find a pro and see him on a fairly regular basis (as much as budgets allow if course). That way they get to know your swing and know how to get you performing the best swing for you. Alternatively, if you’re lucky enough to live in Yorkshire, go see Ryan!

So, onto Saturday and the medal competition. Pre 8pm on Friday, I was feeling good about Saturday and was very much looking forward to it.  Then, I went out to a charity do with the good lady wife, and had a few beverages. In fact, probably too many beverages. I didn’t get to bed until gone 2am and had a 7.40am tee time. After the last time I played with a hangover, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I actually started ok, in terms of my ball striking… despite feeling like I had a marching band in my head! Took my driver out on the first and hit a decent shot. Slightly right of the fairway, but not too bad at all. As I staggered towards my ball whilst trying to rehydrate, I realised it had landed in this…


Consistent Golf - Not today


For some reason, the greenkeeping staff (who have done a great job so far this year) have had the mowers on the first and second cut of rough. Nothing odd there right? However, for some ridiculous reason that I simply can’t understand, have left all the grass on there! What this means, is if you’re just off the fairway you only have a 50% chance of finding your ball as it hides under all the grass cuttings. Just so damn annoying!

Anyways, had a pretty scrappy bogey on the 1st. Then, on the 2nd it all went bad. Just couldn’t hit the ball well at all. My consistent golf had NOT returned, and my hangover was really kicking in. Went on a terrible run of 7, 6, 4, 6, 5 for the next few holes. Managed a par on the 7th, which I thought might be the moment where my hangover would subside and my consistent golf would come and say hello.

It didn’t. I finished the front with a 49. 13 over gross and 4 over my handicap.

The back didn’t start well either. After a good tee shot, I made a real mess of the 2nd and 3rd for another double bogey 6. Got away with a scrappy 5 on the 11th and by the 12th it was all over. I sliced two balls right off the tee. Off they sailed into the distance, away from the pin and into the 4ft high nettles. I took an NR.

Annoyingly, I actually played ok after that for a few holes and my swing came together. After a booming tee shot on the 13th, followed by a lovely second I had this for a birdie.


Consistent Golf - Birdie


It lipped out, but I made the par. Another par came on the par 5 15th. By the 16th, I felt like I was striking it ok, but after watching this back, I realised I wasn’t!



My swing was tired, no turn, inside and generally pretty horrible. I got away with it though and had 1 15ft put for birdie. 3 putted for a 4!  I was most certainly NOT playing consistent golf, and my hangover was still sticking around. I just wanted to go home and lick my wounds. To be honest, I’d have gone home after 9, but my buddy Russ was on another belter. The walk up the 18th was long and tiring. Longer than usual. I was tired, demoralised and hideously hungover. I carded a 91, plus an NR. Not good for the medal, and certainly not good for the challenge. Clearly, I haven’t learnt from the last round when I played with a hangover. It never ends well.

But, every cloud and all that. The Mrs isn’t really one for crappy food, but as she was feeling hungover too I knew just the thing that would turn that frown around. The only thing that it always guaranteed to help when you feel as rough as a bears arse…


Consistent Golf - Fish & Chips

Yup, good old fish & chips and a full fat coke. Will rid any hangover, and send you straight to sleep as soon as it hits your stomach. Bliss.

So, my consistent golf will have to wait for another day. Maybe Sunday when I’m playing with Rick from Stromberg.

Or maybe it won’t…