End Of Season Review 2016

Time to put down the turkey sandwich, and mountains of selection boxes and spend some time to look at my end of season review, to really assess how my game stacked up. It’s time for my End Of Season Review 2016.

Ok… so… did we get the outcome we wanted? Well, firstly, whilst not masking it as an excuse (well, maybe a little) let’s talk about the things that changed in 2016.

  • I moved golf club. Ok… no biggie I hear you say. Not so. I moved from a course that was less than average, to another local course, Howley Hall GC, that was actually very good, with very fast greens. I did not take into account how much more difficult this would make my season!
  • I had severe golfers elbow… all year! This meant I couldn’t really practice. I literally went out and played!
  • I had probably just three lessons. Well, no point having lessons as I couldn’t practice!

So.. there you go. Excuses out of the way. To be fair to me, I think they are pretty valid ones… for once! But, the single figure handicap did not happen. Not even close. I started at 16.1, managed to get down to 14.6 before ending the season on 15.0. Not what I was hoping for, but probably what I expected.

Golfshake rounds

On looking back through my golfshake.com scoretracker stats (looking at last 25 rounds), I see the huge amount of work I have to do. Whilst I have had some ok rounds, most of them have included some disasters. These I really need to remove from my game. This is the great thing with tracking your rounds on golfshake.com. It gives you some ace stats about your game.. and highlights where you really need to focus your practice time. For me, the stats suggest EVERYWHERE!! However, on further geeky stat analysis it would appear that if I could focus on these areas, I could make significant improvements:

  • Lose the double bogeys!
  • Improve scrambling
  • Improve up & down
  • Improve birdie chances converted

Of course, these are only achievable if the other pieces of the jigsaw fit. See, I told you there is a lot of work to be done! Seriously, if you a) want a better game and b) want to know how to do that… download the golfshake.com app. It’s super easy to use, it’s FREE and means you can get stats like these too!


Anyway, back to me. This year, aside from the above issues, I was just not focussed enough. I had no plan of ‘how’ I was going to improve, or what I should be working on. It was all very blasé .  I just turned up on a Saturday morning and hoped I would shoot under my handicap. That is never going to happen!

So, onto 2017…

Well, the goal remains the same. I want a single figure handicap. But… this year, I intend to actually focus on it properly. I run my own company, and planning strategy then executing it is something we do all the time… yet, with my golf goals I don’t seem to adopt the same strategy. Well, not this year! I am hatching a plan…

2017… I’m coming to get you!