My first lesson with Rick Shiels

So, the new year is here, and the meant one thing… finding a new golf coach! 

After looking around, I figured where better to go than Mr Rick Shiels! Yes, you’ve probably all heard of Rick… and have probably watched his videos. So have I… and I have actually used his tips myself. After all, he has one of the biggest golf YouTube channels in the world!

What I love about Rick is the way he explains things… just check his YouTube channel out here. He makes it all seem super simple and easy to understand, which is something that’s dead important for me. 

I contacted Rick and he was totally up for helping me on my challenge… which is awesome! 

I went across to the Quest Golf Academy for my first lesson with Rick. We had a great chat before we started and discussed my game and where I think it’s at, as well as what I thought was wrong with it. Then we got to work…

It turned out I had quite a few issues that needed tackling! But, we needed to tackle them one at a time. Firstly, we need to try and look at my swing path. 

So… no more time for writing, I need to get to the driving range!!