How to Fix Golfers Elbow

Ok… How To Fix Golfers Elbow. It’s the most asked question in golf… maybe.

Golfers elbow is annoying. Really annoying. Like toothache, or dropping your toast butter side down. You know the deal.

I have been struggling with golfers elbow for a while now on and off, but this year it has been worse than ever. I’m not sure why it has decided to bite me on the arse quite so hard, but it has. As a consequence, it has really broken my golf season.

Seriously, if you’ve ever had it, you’ll understand what I’m going through. This year, I had a moment when I couldn’t even hit a golf ball it hurt so much.

So… the cure. Can anyone help? How the hell do you get rid of it???? So far, I have done the following:

  • Seen GP & prescribed painkillers
  • Had¬†physio
  • Got various straps and bands
  • Bought a ‘Pain Gone’ pen

How Do you Fix Golfers Elbow paingone-pain-relief-pen


All of these have had varying levels of success… but I still have it!

So, my question to you is….

Have you had it? If so, how the hell did you get rid of it???