Am I getting better at golf?

Am I getting better at golf?

A relatively short update this time…and it’s a good one. One I’m happy to waffle on about! I think I may finally be getting better at golf.

If you read my update after Saturday, you’ll know I played reasonably well. It was a solid round, except for a few silly mistakes, such as a 3 putt on 16 and a totally ridiculous 4 putt on 18. However, I still finished with a net 71, which was also good news for the challenge.

I did come away feeling pretty confident though. Maybe after the post holiday loss of form, I’m once again getting better at golf.

This weekend was a two-day competition – the Club Championship. As well as lowest net score each day, combined net and gross scores resulted in a shiny golf trophy.

I turned up on Sunday feeling pretty good. The weather was lovely, very different to Saturday. I’d had a reasonable round then, so providing I could go low I knew I was in with a chance. Especially if I picked up where I’d finished on Saturday…well, maybe forgetting the 18th!

I decided today that I would not even consider using the driver, as it’s a complete liability! So, opted for a 3 wood off the 1st. That strategy seemed to work as I hit a decent tee shot…and most importantly, a straight one that dropped in the middle of the fairway.

This accurate golf game off the tee continued through the front 9…much to my surprise. I’d actually hit every fairway.  Good ol’ 3 wood!

Perhaps I really am getting better at golf? Not only that, I scored pretty well too. I shot a 41, and even had a 3 putt on the 9th! I was -4 my handicap as I walked to the 10th…the potential card wrecker!

Getting better at golf - 10th The Manor

Thankfully, a nice easy 7 iron left me safe and just left of the fairway. But, I had a tricky shot into the green, which I had to get high and draw around the tree. Neither of which I really knew how to do!

Trying not to think about it too much, I took my 8 iron and hit a beautiful shot…a nice high draw. As I watched it, I realised I hadn’t started it far enough right and it looked like it was in trouble and in the cabbage on the left of the green. I played a provisional just to be safe. I say safe…I hit this one even further in! So, I played another provisional, this time using the shot I should have played in the first place…a low punch with my 6 iron. At least I knew that one was in play!

You know those days when you just get a little bit of luck…I think this was my day. A long overdue bit of luck too I might add! We got to the area where my ball had gone in. My playing partner Mick had watched the flight and had a pretty good line on it. It had caught the tree, which had taken some of the sting out of it so we knew it wasn’t far in. We looked for a while and low and behold, good ol’ Mick found my ball! Amazing! It wasn’t a particularly good lie, but all I had to do was hit it out. I managed to duff it about 20 yards, but it was enough to be out. I’d played 3.  Somehow, for once I’d managed to avoid disaster. I chipped it within 6 inches and putted for a 5. I could have given Mick a big man hug!

I got myself together on the 11th and played a fantastic 5 iron off the tee. Played a really solid chip exactly where I visualised it going which left me a great birdie chance. I’d putted well all day (except for the 9th!), so felt pretty confident stood over it. Holed it for a birdie.

After the 11th, I went bogey / bogey / par / bogey (a silly 3 putt!) / par. Standing on the 17th it was looking good. I was 8 under. It was now I started to feel the pressure.

I hit my tee shot out to the right, but due to poor aim rather than a poor shot. Still, it was safe. Unfortunately, I was about 210 yards from the green. I decided to hit a 6 iron and lay up short of the green and play it safe rather than risk landing in the two greenside bunkers at the front. I hit probably the best 6 iron of my life…that just went for miles. I watched it land on the green and start rolling. Amazing….

Then it didn’t stop rolling and went off into the bunker on the left! So much for the safe shot! Got it out and had a silly two putt for a bogey.

The 18th was the worst of the day. I knew I was 8 under and thought about my score way too much before every shot on that last hole. Somehow, I managed to hold it together enough and scraped a double bogey 7.

I shot an 83, 7 under my 18 handicap. I can’t tell you how happy that made me.

The best thing was this…

Getting better at golf - Club Championship Winner

This morning, I woke to my email to tell me I’d come 2nd on Saturday, 1st on Sunday and won overall for lowest net score. That means another trophy… my second of the year.

But, the best news for me and the challenge was my new adjusted handicap. I was cut to 15.4, so I’m now the proud owner of a 15 handicap! I’ve worked hard to get here, and had a moment of feeling particularly proud. Its not been an easy ride and there is still a long way to go with not much time to do it in.

But, I have to be happy with the progress I’ve made.

Have a look at my card here on Golfshake.

Getting better at golf - Golfshake

A decent and solid round from me which I’m mega chuffed with (remember, if you’re not entering your scores on Golfshake, you can’t be in with a chance of winning some ace stuff!!). I felt totally in control (most of the time) of my golf game.

So, there you have it. I am getting better at golf. But, the big question is can I keep it going this time?