Too focused on the golf ball?

It’s early February, and we really need to get the challenge heading in the right direction. As regular readers will know, I’m hitting it reasonable well on the range, but currently am partial to mid game meltdowns whilst on the course.

Early on in the challenge Ryan had determined that I had some serious issues with my golf swing that we needed to iron out. Progress was made fairly rapidly, but changing the movements of human anatomy when faced with the task of hitting a golf ball are very, very challenging!

Ryan and I have worked a lot on my golf swing and getting into the right positions at the right time, getting my path & plane somewhere near where it needs to be to be able to hit a consistently straight ball. The next step is proving the most difficult… when you introduce the pesky little white dimpled thing. THE GOLF BALL!

Golf Ball


We all have a natural tendency to hit at the golf ball rather than swing through it; a situation that occurs courtesy of our friend hand eye coordination!

Many think golf IS a hand eye coordination game, but as Ryan keeps explaining, it’s not really. In fact, it damages more people’s techniques than it will ever help. Next time you’re on the range or practice ground, close your eyes and hit a few golf balls. We have tried this and it’s very strange… but it DOES work! Seriously… try it!

So as of this month, according to Ryan my practice swing is right on the money but once the golf ball is introduced, my downswing goes very last season.

Here’s what we’re working on NOW… thanks Ryan for this.


Ryan Metcalfe


What is the reason for Kevin’s golf ball issues? Attention focus!

We are constantly reminded that we should focus on the golf ball and for heavens sake to never take our eyes off it. Good advice? Well in some ways yes, we most certainly need a visual focus point on the ground for balance. But where should our mental focus be aimed? The golf ball?

If our mental focus is on hitting the golf ball we will do just that, hit the golf ball. Kevin starts his downswing with his hands and arms rather than his hips, as his body recognises this is what his brain wishes to do. His body stays closed to the target for too long and hey presto we have rightward swing path. If Kevin, or any other golfer knows where the target is, why would they swing the club away from it?

So we have now moved all of Kevin’s mental focus away from the golf ball and onto the target. With this now in his mind, he started making the necessary movements, which improved his swing path.

Have a look at these articles. This one from Dr Tony Piparo on hand-eye coordination and this one from Colin Cromack on what you should be focussed on during the golf swing.

Both these suggest removing the GOLF BALL from all mental thoughts. Kevin is finding this easier said than done!


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