My golf game is a bit rusty…

Well, its fair to say my golf game is a bit rusty! Not sure what it’s been like for you, but we’ve had some snow, that really bloody annoying snow that just won’t go. It came, stayed a while and just when it had disappeared it came again…

The net effect of said white stuff was that my last round of golf before this weekend was on the 4th January. So, I’d already decided that even of there was some snow left on the course this weekend, if it was open…I was going to be playing! The first knock out round of the winter league was on Sunday, so knew I needed at least 9 holes on Saturday too.

I’ll be honest; it was a joy to be out on the golf course again. It felt like it had been months since I’d last played. My expectations had been suitable lowered before the round, but still, a little bit of me was hoping for it all just happening, despite the lay off. That said, I have still been able to hit some golf balls. Thankfully, at JWhitaker Golf, they have two indoor trackman rooms that you can hire and practice by the hour…inside. So, I have still managed to hot balls. I’ve also seen Ryan a couple of times too to work on my game too, but its tough when you can’t really practice too much.

Anyway, enough of the excuses… how was the round?

Well, Saturday was as expected. Some really good shots mixed up with some really bad shots. The conditions weren’t ideal for a short game that was far from dialed in. We still had a few bits of snow, and the greens were rock solid, so getting close to the pin was more luck than management. Hit it short, it plugged. Land it on the green and it took a 10 ft bounce and skipped to the back.

Golf is a bit rusty_Snow

But, it was never about the score. It was about getting out, having a nice walk and hitting some golf balls… and it felt good!!

Sunday was the big one. The last Winter League round (pairs comp) was scrapped due to the snow, but we ended up 4th overall. Not bad going and the most important thing was that we were in the last 8 pairs for the knockout.

Sunday was the first of the knockouts (3/4 handicap matchplay). It was a bit nervy due to the sheer lack of golf, but everyone was going to be in the same boat… unless they were lucky enough to sneak a golfing break somewhere sunny!

As we got to the tee, we found that only one of the other pairs had turned up, so it was essentially two against one. That was always going to be a tough match for him.

After 4 holes, we were 3 up. But, we weren’t playing particularly well. To be fair to Neil (the guy on his own), he was holding his own too. At the turn, we were still leading at 4 up. We took the long walk to the 12th (10 & 11 remain closed) and tee’d off. Andy (my partner – 5 hcp) hit a cracking drive.

Golf game is a bit rusty_12th hole

He hit a great second shot too and two putted for a par, and another hole up. The 13th was another scrappy one and we ended up halving the hole.

Then we went onto 14, knowing that getting this hole would seal the deal. It’s a par 3, 165 yards, with bunkers left and right. We all hit them right. Andy found the (frozen!) bunker; Neil and I were just short of the green. We both chipped on, and I had a 10ft putt for par. Neil missed his, so this putt could win the match.

My putting had been a bit hit and miss, largely due to the fact that the greens were so unpredictable with the frost. Still, it looked pretty straight, but downhill so I knew I needed to make sure or it could sail way past! The minute it left the putter, it looked in…and it dropped. Cue a massive sigh of relief (inside one of course!).

So, that was it. Match over. We won 6 & 4 and were through to the next round.

Golf game is a bit rusty_winner

I guess all in all it wasn’t a bad weekend, despite the fact my golf game is a bit rusty Firstly, it was amazing to just get out on the golf course, I’ve missed it so much. Secondly, we’re got through to the next round of the Winter League knock out, and finally I got to really try out the Golf Buddy VS4 (review for Golfshake on the way next week).

Golf game is a bit rusty_Golfbuddy VS4

Exciting news for this week. I’m going for a Driver fitting at JWhitaker Golf! I’ve had a play with the new Taylormade R15 and the Nike Golf Vapor range recently, and the Vapor is a lovely club. That said, after many historical eBay purchases (that I ended up putting back on eBay!), I decided that this time I would have a proper fitting to make sure I get the best club for me.

Now all I need to do is convince the wife it’s an essential purchase!