Golf in the wind – More excuses!

Here’s the thing… this weekend I had to contend with golf in the wind. Not for the first time, and I doubt it will be the last time. However, this WILL be the last post where I begin it with a list excuses as to why my golf didn’t hit the mark.

So, we’ve established it was windy. Actually, it was really bloody windy! So windy, you had to leave your bag laid down or it would be blown over. So windy your ball moved when you were waiting to putt. So windy that local shed’s where all spinning in the sky. Ok, I may have gone too far, but you get the idea. Golf in the wind was the way Saturday would be.

golf in the wind


I’ll try to keep this whingy, whining, moaning update brief, as I’m getting a little frustrated with my excuses too!

In a nutshell, it just wasn’t good enough, again! Had a great week, played a few holes, practiced, really tried to focus on my game and playing the course properly. Started great too. Two bogeys to start, but played them really well. Swing felt great and struck the ball well. Just my short game let me down. Then had a run of three pars, so after 5 holes I was 2 over gross.  Excellent stuff. The challenge is looking good, despite playing golf in the wind.

Then, the bad ones started. Hit a decent drive off the 6th, but it kicked left and landed behind the trees. I then had one of those ‘percentage golf’ situations. Take your medicine; just hit it back onto the fairway. Did I do that?? Of course not. I tried to thread it through a 1 ft gap through the trees. Naturally, it didn’t end well. My ball ended up behind me!

Walked off the 6th with a triple bogey! The next two holes continued much the same, leaving me with two double bogeys. After a bogey at 9, I finished the front with a 46, 10 over gross.

I suppose one positive was that I played to my handicap, and the conditions were really tough, golf in the wind is not easy. Also, 50% of the time, my swing felt pretty good. Didn’t look too bad either – have a look. Need much more shoulder rotation at the start, and to rotate the hips more at the downswing. Also, the angle is a bit rubbish, but I now have a new toy thanks to Focal Golf so I can film myself easily!



However, the real facts were that yet again I’d lost concentration, made one bad decision that spiralled into a three hole disaster. Holes 10 – 14 were no better. Didn’t play them too badly, just made some bad choices. Oh, and putted like a complete idiot!

After a bogey at 14, the last four holes were ok. Just ok. I certainly WASN’T ripping it up! Finished with 33 points and 94 shots, 3 over my handicap.

I added my scores into my golfshake account (get one, its ace!), which gives you some pretty detailed analysis of your round. I think if it could have, it would have flashed this text on screen – “Simply not good enough”.


golfshake - golf in the wind


Our aim by the end of March was to be ‘consistently’ scoring around the 85 mark. I’m not even close on the course. On the range, I’m brilliant!

On the course, my swing is good in parts, ropey in others. Hitting lots of shots fat, and started hooking some this week. I blame the wind!

Now is time to step things up. I need to play more, practice more, focus more, get stronger and most importantly, stop playing like a total tosser!

I will not use the fact that I played golf in the wind as an excuse again!