Golf is a game of stupid

Golf is a game of stupid

Yes, that’s right. Golf is a game of stupid! Ok, I’ll try and make this a quick update as it’s likely to be a little grumpy… sorry in advance folks!

This week has been up and down with my golf, as it was last week. And the week before that too come to think of it.

This one started off with such optimism. I had a catch up with Ryan and we had a quick look at my swing. Turned out I’d just started doing the old handsy, armsy takeaway which was the main cause of my hooky inconsistent shots. Whilst we were there, I was hitting it beautifully. He also told me to just stop thinking about it. Clearly, I can hit the ball well enough.

Thursday came and another Rabbits match, this time against Halifax GC. I turned up feeling particularly confident, not just because of my session with Ryan, but because of the new edition to my family…

golf is a game of stupid - trolley

I’m now the proud owner of a Powakaddy electric trolley! No longer do I have to push my little three wheeler, or chuck the sticks on my back. No more tired last 5 holes, no more damaged back (seriously, that really is the case. More on the health benefits of electric trolleys in the next update!).

Back to Halifax GC, which is the second highest golf club in England. Wow,  it’s a stunner. Not only that, for pay and play folk, its only £15! Unfortunately, my round of golf was not a stunner. In fairness, I actually played ok, and started with three pars. But the higher up we got and the windier it got, the worse my game got. I was striking it ok, but judging distances poorly. I was also making some really silly mistakes. Careless chipping and  far too many three putts. Course knowledge was everything with the conditions. By the time we’d reached this hole, the beautiful 16th…I’d lost. My first matchplay defeat this year. Yup, golf is a game of stupid!

golf is a game of stupid - halifax gc

Then came Saturday, and Captains Day. There’s a lot riding on this one, not only the pride and honour of winning…but it’s £12 to enter, so you have pressure on winning some of your money back! Also, it’s a full handicap stableford, so no excuses for NR’s this week!

I’d nipped to the range late on Friday, and was hitting the ball great. So, as I tee’d up the ball on the first, I once again felt confident. I shouldn’t have, as I was poor and clearly deluded! It wasn’t any particular area that I was struggling in. It was everywhere. The best way I can describe it, would be careless. I had so many really easy putts that I rushed / didn’t really focus on and missed. I also had a handful of unlucky ones that did the old ‘look around the hole’ trick before popping back out. I was actually striking my irons pretty well, which was one positive. But even from the first hole, my biggest weakness was off the tee. I was looking at second shots like this far too many times during the round.

golf is a game of stupid - trees

In fact, I only hit 7 fairways. That stat tells its own story! My score over 18 holes was a lowly 25. I’ll say it again… golf is a game of stupid!

So, we’ve been here before. I know I have a good golf swing, I’ve proven that by scoring a 39 over 9 holes. I can play well enough to get to the handicap I need for the challenge. I’ve also got a lovely Powakaddy electric trolley now, so I can’t use tiredness as an excuse. Then why isn’t it happening? This is my big problem…and its recurring…

I’m still thinking about mechanical elements of my swing throughout the round.

I know I shouldn’t. I know it will only end badly. But when it goes bad, I can’t help it. When it happens, it also completely destroys my pre-shot routine.

I went for a massive walk this morning in training for my Three Peaks Challenge next weekend (it’s for charity, sponsor me if you can here …thanks!) and whilst on it I listened to my audio series from Everything David says about the mental game makes absolute sense. Visualising the shot, sensing how that swing feels, having a clear mind etc etc….but under pressure I can’t seem to do it. I decided to test it in the garden this afternoon with this bad boy.

golf is a game of stupid - chipping

Yes, the chipping net. I tried using some visualisation when hitting shots. So, I looked at the target (the net!) and visualised the flight of my ball heading towards the net and dropping in. Looked back at my ball followed by a quick look at the target again. Then hit the ball.

It went straight in.

I tried this with 15 balls. They all went in. I thought of nothing when I was taking the shots, I just tried to see it happening, before it happened. Honestly, it was amazing.  Surely that proves that it works?

Now, the problem is…how do I make that happen on the course…? David?!!!