Golf Swing – Where did mine go this Weekend?

What happened to my golf swing in my last round?

I really need to examine my golf swing after this weekends round! What happened? Did I leave it at home? Let me think…how can I summarise this round. AWFUL!!! That’s the only way to describe my performance at the weekend!

It was a medal comp this weekend, so the forgiveness of Stableford was not there. Every shot would count. I was fine with that before I started. I was feeling super confident with my game. I finished 4 under my handicap last week, and on the range my ball striking has been good. Ryan is pleased with the progress of my swing and we were talking about putting in some real ‘handicap targets’ for 2014.

After Saturdays efforts I’d say we’d best not bother!

I’m really not sure what went wrong. The golf swing felt ok at the start, and only some woeful putting was to blame for my score on the first 3 holes. Then, the old evil driver tee shot came out to play!

Golf Swing

This is the real difference for me between scoring really well and having a shocker. I guess it’s the same for most high handicap golfers. I had no idea what was going to happen when I hit my driver. My golf swing felt… errm… I don’t actually know. I had so many different swing thoughts in my head that my brain just didn’t know what to tell my body to do! My iron shots were ok, but that’s probably because over the past couple of months Ryan and I have worked solidly on that. If I start to lose confidence with an iron, I know what to do to bring the good golf swing back.

But not with the driver! To really show how bad it is, here’s a video of me on the 9th.



As you can see… it’s pretty awful! Annoyingly, the practice swing wasn’t too bad. The actual swing was dreadful! My takeaway was all wrong, hand out and up meaning the club was really laid off before I’d even started to turn so by the time I got to the top of the swing the position was only going to end one way… disaster! Then, the downswing. Again, all wrong. Started with my hands, hips sliding all over…and so on and so on! I’d tutted heavily at myself when I watched it back. As you may see, the ball went nowhere!

So, Ryan and I have agreed to spend the next month working on my Driver, and a subsequent golf swing to use to hit that pesky little white thing. As we know, the higher the handicap, the more important the tee shot becomes to lower your golf handicap…. And that’s what we’re trying to do here folks!

Unfortunately, at the weekend I was way off. I finished 7 over my handicap. So I essentially played to 27. Not even close to where I need to be for the challenge.

Maybe I just need a new driver to improve my golf swing!!!