MY GOLF WEEK – MY GOLF WEEK – 1st Qualifying Medal of the season & The Masters

Is this the most exciting week of the year? Quite probably, yes.

It’s Masters Week. First Major of the season, and the week where everyone gets massively excited about golf. Me included! I think I’ve watched everything that was on Sky catch up relating to the Masters. It’s SUCH a good major. Also, I always have a little flutter on The Masters… and genrally they never come in. Would they be different this year? Probably not!

For me and my golf, this was a week that was all about the practice. I did a lot of it! I even went to the gym and did some training!! The swing was feeling really good.

It was the first medal qualifier of the year at Howley Hall, so a proper chance to see where my game was at…

Watch the video – MY GOLF WEEK – 1st Qualifying Medal of the season & Sergio Garcia Wins The Masters

(yes, I may have been a little bit drunk towards the end!)