Golf with a hangover

This weekend, a valuable lesson was learned. I played golf with a hangover. It was not pretty.

Some things are meant to go together. Lamb and mint, tea and chocolate, fish & chips. Golf and hangovers are not.

I’ve decided to not take this weekends round too much to heart. My preparation this week has been good. Been to the range quite a bit, probably three times. I’m striking the ball really well at the moment and my swing feels great. I’m really feeling good about my golf and the challenge. I was also really looking forward to this weekends round as we’ve had some decent weather.


dry course and a golf hangover


However, I had a Friday night out accompanied by beer & wine! It wasn’t anything particularly raucous, but then I don’t do it often these days so the hangovers are quite bad. No, scrap that. The hangovers are simply awful!
As a result, I turned up at the course for my 7.48 tee time feeling pretty shocking. I knew attempting to play golf with a hangover would not end well. And it didn’t. I played really badly; possible the worst I’ve played since beginning the challenge.

As if having a stinking hangover wasn’t enough, I’m also really struggling with my left ankle from the sprain I did early in the challenge. I never had any treatment on it, and for some reason its really started playing up. Especially as I hit the ball and my weight transfers onto my left side.
I stood on the first tee and looked down at my ball. It made me feel a little dizzy. I’m sure I’m not the only amateur golfer to feel like this on a Saturday morning. Pounding head, sudden movements causing waves of sickness, bending toward the ball making your head spin. Far from an ideal state. I wonder if Poults or any of the other superstar golfers ever feel like this before a round?

The first hole worked out surprisingly well. Hit a fantastic drive right down the middle of the fairway, about 100 yards from the green. Hit a wedge to 15 ft and two putted for a par. Maybe playing golf with a hangover isn’t going to be that bad after all?

It didn’t work out that well for much longer. The next three holes were scrappy at best. Then, on the 5th I hit a massive slice off the tee and watched my ball head towards the woods. That was the start of the end. Playing 3 off the tee I walked off the 5th with a triple bogey.
From that point, my game deteriorated massively. I couldn’t hit anything. My swing felt awful, I was messing around with it before every shot, I didn’t focus on a routine, my chipping was utterly awful and my scores really showed it. Thankfully, my putting was pretty good which stopped it being a total embarrassment.

After a par on the 9th, I finished the front with a 50… 5 shots over my handicap, 15 over gross. The back 9 was no better. In fact, it was worse. Despite the fact I’d been out for the best part of two hours, I was still playing golf with a hangover. I’d also been hit with the tired stick. Not a good combination.

I started on 12 with a duff off the tee and ended the hole with another triple bogey. I continued to hit a collection of shocking shots as I hacked my way around the course. I hit a few that were ok, but they were surrounded my duffs and shanks.

I’ve never felt as relieved to see the 18th green as I did on Saturday. The end of this round of golf couldn’t come quickly enough.

I ended the round with a 41 on the back 9… 4 over my handicap, 14 over gross. I shot a 91… on a par 62 leaving me 9 over my handicap. A big difference to the 5 under I shot last week!


score - golf with a hangover


More disappointing than the score was the way I got there. It really was an awful display of golf. I had no idea how to swing the club, and my robust repeatable swing was nowhere to be seen. I’d forgotten everything I’ve learnt over the past few months and played like a complete and utter hacker.

So, a round of golf that needs to be filed in the ‘one to forget’ folder. I will be limiting my alcohol consumption pre golf from now on. I’ve also decided that now the weather seems to be improving that I’ll commit to getting on the course more over the next couple of weeks to try and make sure this kind of display is never, ever repeated.

One good thing about playing golf with a hangover. The wife was also hungover which meant I could go home with these for lunch.


Golf hangover cure


Yup, fish & chips. Hangover food of the gods!

Now, for my advice. If you have a bad hangover, stay at home, watch a movie, eat junk food etc etc. Golf with a hangover just does not work.

Great article here from Golf Digest about golf and the pro’s who have quit the booze. Probably should have read it first!



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