Am I a golfer yet?

range 600_400


This week, I promised myself that I would make one visit to the range after my lesson. Practicing the swing at home is one thing, but its hard to really know what’s happening until you do it with one of those little white things staring up at you.

I got myself a basket of balls and picked a spot with the office window behind that I could use as a mirror. First thing to acknowledge…this new swing feels good. It’s a little odd…it still feels like I’m swinging it over the top of my head, it still also feels like I’m swinging around my body. Despite all that, I have to admit it feels less odd than it did on Tuesday!

I went through the basket, checking my position at the top with each practice swing. Yup…we’re definitely getting there…kind of. However, I’m really struggling with not caring about where the ball is going. If its a bad one, I hate it! Its hard because I can’t see if the swing was actually any good?

As I left the range and sat in the car a little windswept, I tried to recap what I’ve learnt so far. This is what I came up with:

1) Swing changes feel weird.
2) I need to practice more.
3) Stop worrying where ball goes.
4) I’m not a natural golfer!

Bring on Saturday!