Just hit the golf ball

easter golf - hot the golf ball


It’s been a tough couple of weeks for the challenge, I seemed to have forgotten how to hit the golf ball. I feel like my swing has been there, but the scores just haven’t come.

The course hasn’t helped as it’s remained pretty wet and very muddy so balls were plugging. That said, it isn’t an excuse for my game.

This week, I’ve just tried to focus on…well, nothing! Forget everything, all the distractions, the clubs, the mental stuff etc etc and just hit the golf ball. Sounds obvious right ? Well, for me I think I’ve got a little caught up in all of the above recently.

On Monday, I played a few holes with Ryan. We worked on a few short game bits & bobs but more on just hitting the golf ball, nothing else . Pick a spot, grab a club & hit the golf ball! Simple.

Went out again today (good Friday) for 9 holes with Ryan and fellow member, Sam (10 hcp). There was a lot resting on this… loser gets the beers. Oh, and it was stableford.

Ryan & Sam Golf Ball

I started pretty badly, finished the 1st with a 7 after some really scrappy shots…I was most definitely NOT just hitting the golf ball.  Thankfully, it wasn’t quite as bad as Sam who lost 2 balls in 2 shots! Ryan on the other hand, just made it look easy!

Sam and I both took bogies on 2, with Ryan sneaking a par.

Got my first par of the day on the 3rd, but Ryan once again showed us how it was done with a nice birdie. However, I then really seemed to hit a bit of a groove and felt like I was not thinking about anything other that ‘just hit the golf ball. Worked out well as I scored a par on the next 3 holes too. Coming off the 6th I had 15 points.

Have to say though, on the 6th Ryan had a flyer of a second which went through the back and behind a tree. He played a beautiful Mickleson-esqe flop shot that dropped a foot from the pin which he dropped for a par. Sam also played a nice second leaving a 20ft putt for birdie, which he drained! He looked as surprised as the rest of us! However, I was still winning…YEY!

Played the last three really well, but only made bogies. Unfortunate really as two of them should have been for par.

Still, I finished with a 43 for 21 points, and that was with no score on the 1st.

So, I didn’t have to buy this…

hit the golf ball - win beer

Today was a good golf day. Not just because I beat Ryan and Sam. Not just because the sun was out and we were not having to play off the winter mats. Not even the fact that I didn’t have to buy the beers. The best thing was that for the first time in a while I came off the course feeling good about my game. I did just ‘hit the golf ball’. It’s been a while since I’ve had that feeling!

Bring on Saturday!