Holiday Golf at Quinta de Cima

We’re holidaying in Portugal this summer with Mrs P, the kiddywinks and the in-laws… and somehow, I’ve managed to wangle four rounds of golf! The first of my rounds of holiday golf was at Quinta de Cima in the Eastern Algarve.

I played with my father-in-law, David, who plays off 20. I was surprised at how good the condition of the course was, given the time of year. August is low season in golf terms and a time when lots of courses do maintenance programs. However, at Quinta de Cima, the condition was great.

Holiday Golf at Quinta de Cima, Portugal – HIGHLIGHTS


Now, onto my round. It was ok. That’s how best to sum it up. I certainly left a lot out there. Off the tee, I was really solid. I was pretty pleased about that as I have been struggling of late. I also struck my irons pretty well, which I contribute to a quick lesson with James Whitaker before I came away!

My issues are not new ones. My takeaway was poor, and my posture was even worse. It’s always been an issue for me and is the thing I struggle with the most. That said, after my lesson with James it has certainly improved. stats

Holiday Golf at Quinta de Cima, Portugal - Golfshake - Hacker to Single FiguresAfter looking through my Golfshake stats, it re-enforced what I felt were the issues for me. Even though I was striking my irons well with my second shot, I was missing greens, often to the left. I hit 9 out of 14 fairways in regulation, but only 2 out of 18 greens in regulation! NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!

Still, there is more good than bad… and I’m playing golf in Portugal in the sunshine. What’s not to like?!