Stop hooking the golf ball!

Stop hooking the golf ball!

One of my problems of late, has been hooking the golf ball…or as I like to call it, my extreme draw! It’s a shot I need to fix if I’m going to smash the challenge. Actually, even to get close!

It’s not a snap hook, or anything that destructive. The ball sets off fairly straight, but then curves off to the left. What this is meaning, is that I’m missing greens that I really should be hitting. The shorter the club, the more left the shot.

My driving has been fine, and if anything I’m pushing the shots off the tee. I can live with that as they don’t do too much damage. But when you’re 90 yards in, you need to be hitting a straight ball.

So, this is something that I looked at with Ryan down at JWhitaker golf on my last lesson.

How do I stop hooking the golf ball?

Stop Hooking The Ball - Trackman

Ryan watched me hit some shots at their indoor performance centre at Howley Hall GC, with Trackman working overtime measuring my stats. He identified my issue pretty quickly…

…at impact, I’m closing the club face.

Generally, my swing is in pretty good shape. But, my hands are too active, causing me to start turning the club before I get to the ball, meaning by the time I get to impact position, my club face is pointing left of target.

This, is why I’m hooking the golf ball!

The great thing about all this (yes, there is a positive!), is that we’d found the issue within about 20 shots. For that, I thank Ryan…and his friend Mr Trackman! And that right there is what’s awesome about trackman. If you have an issue, you can find it pretty quick, meaning you can get to work on fixing it. I remember an article with Sean Foley talking about how Trackman has massively helped his teaching. I can now see why.

So, the fix. In a nutshell is this… and its quite a simple one. I just need to hold my clubface open a little longer! Sounds easy right? Making it happen is a little trickier. For something simple to visualise, Ryan has suggested that when practicing, I place something around 2 ft infront of the golf ball, slightly to the right. Then, work at making sure my golf ball travels OVER that object.

Things like that really help focus me.

So, I went down to the Howley Hall Performace Centre to have a practice on the Trackman and see if I can stop hooking the golf ball! Here’s how it went.

I think the thing is, at least I know what I should be doing now, and I know what the feeling should be like. I just need to make it happen more consistently. As I said in the video, what’s great about practicing with Trackman is that it gives you feedback that is 100% accurate, so you can’t cheat it.

The real test will be this weekend as I head to Forest Pines for a golfing weekend! In the meantime…anyone know how much it is to get Trackman installed in the front room?!!