How to Hit my Driver

This week, I’ve been learning how to hit my driver!

I knew this week, I had to work on how to hit my Driver. After the disaster I had on the course last week, it couldn’t wait any longer.

Last weekend, I was shocking off the tee. As soon as I got the driver out of the bag, I knew it wouldn’t end well. And it didn’t.

I’ve seen Ryan twice this week to try and figure out what, where and how we need to fix the golf swing I have with that club or I’ll never complete the challenge. The fact is, I don’t really have one!

My previous swing with the driver went something like this. Arms massively out in front, then cocked my wrists way too early. This meant that by the time I started to turn, with the help of gravity my club was really laid off. By the time I finished the backswing, my club head would be pointing at way out left. My first move then was to pull my hands down, followed by sliding my hips left. At impact, it was a disaster and the ball squirted out with a low slice. This is NOT how to hit my driver!

How to hit my driver

So, how do you hit a great big sexy drive? Forget the technical stuff like a ‘draw’ or a ‘fade’… how do you hit a driver that goes straight?! This is essential knowledge for me to lower my handicap. Would it help me to get a new Driver? My wife would surely love me buying ANOTHER golf club!

We started off working on my takeaway, keeping my left arm a little more connected to my chest and not out in front of me. Then from here, start the shoulder & hip rotation. The next bit felt odd. Ryan had me feel like I was really lifting up my arms. We got into the the top of the backswing and held the position about 1 million times. Well, not that many, but that what my body felt like! The Driver was getting really heavy! When I looked at the swing on video, it wasn’t that high at all, just in a reasonably good position at the top of the backswing.


How to hit my driver

 The downswing is my second real issue. I’ve always been a hip slider, making it super hard for me to get the club head into the right position at impact. It also causes me to dip. The first thing we had to work on was to start the downswing with my hips, by turning them… and stop sliding them! Easier said than done!

We did a drill where I lifted my left leg and just rested my toe on the mat, meaning the right leg took the weight. With this in place, if I slid the hips I’d probably either a) break my ankle, b) fall in a heap or c) a combination of the two. I’ll be honest, this drill was hard. But, it seemed to work as a bit later I seemed much more able to anchor the right leg until impact, and just focus on hip & shoulder turn, thus stopping my sliding.

Yey…Look at this video of my (badly filmed!) golf swing. I know how to hit my Driver!




Ok… maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself. Its still a long way off perfect, but its a massive improvement on the swing I did have and how I’m now hitting the ball with my driver. At least I have a vague idea of what swing I need. I’ll be taking this onto the course this weekend and seeing how we get on.


Will I get on the tee, confident that I know how to hit my driver? Fingers crossed!