Inconsistent golf…

Over the last week, I’ve been mostly playing inconsistent golf. Not intentionally of course! Damn…it’s annoying!

I started the week so well, and full of golfing confidence. Surely there wouldn’t be any inconsistent golf here? It all began on Tuesday when I played in the 9 hole club comp, a ¾ handicap stableford. Got off to an absolute flier, and probably the most solidly I’ve played since starting the challenge. Going onto the 5th tee I was level par gross, and felt great too. Hit a decent drive but not a great second, which dropped in the greenside bunker. Well, its called a bunker…someone on twitter likened it to a well used 9 yard box on a council football pitch!

Bunker - inconsistent golf

Unfortunately, not only was I in the solid muddy bunker, my ball had also landed in a hole within said bunker. Took 3 shots to get out and ended up walking off with an undeserved 7. That threw me then. Doubled the next and finished bogey, par, par for a 42. Such a shame, but…that’s the kind of inconsistent golf I’m talking about.

Played on Thursday night in another Rabbits league match. Again, matchplay and my opponent was Simon from Keighley GC. Started great and felt really confident with my game. The ball was going where I aimed it (pretty much), my short game was always giving me a good putting chance and I putted well too.  After 9 holes I had a reasonable card (a 41)….and I was winning my match by 7 points! After the 12th, despite me having a 7 (my worst of the day), I was still 7 up so won the match 7 & 6.

Bradford Rabbits  - inconsistent golf

Felt pretty harsh on Simon, but we’d had a great chat going around. Its nice when you play against nice folk. We played on and finished on hole 16, and at the finish I’d shot a 76 over 16 holes, 13 over par gross. Again, was a great card but for a couple of sloppy holes. More inconsistent golf! However, we still won all three matches leaving us unbeaten in the league.

Bradford Rabbits  - inconsistent golf

Then, on Friday the wheels really started to come off! I played in the Stromberg Golf sponsored charity golf day for Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice at Huddersfield Golf Club.

Firstly, it’s probably worth mentioning at this point that I’m really hammering the gym too, so my body is feeling pretty tired and beaten. With that in mind, I’d decided I’d hire one of their electric trolleys. After we got registered, had a natter, ate bacon butties I toddled off to hire my lovely Motocaddy electric trolley. Seems that other folk had the same idea as they’d all gone. Damn. Meant I’d have to carry! Not what my aching body needed.

Hudderfield  - inconsistent golf

It was a shotgun start, which meant we had a walk to the 18th…a long blind par 5. After that first swing, I knew it would be a long day. And it was!!! I didn’t play well at all and of the three rounds of golf over the three days; this was my finest display of inconsistent golf! Everything felt like really hard work. The course was tough too…and they made us play off the white tees!

It was a shame really as it was a lovely golf course with really nice fast greens, but my game just wasn’t there. I also putted like a complete idiot, and had 7 three putts. That is never going to work out well! Finished with a rubbish and soul destroying 96, which was +4 for my handicap…not even close to the kind of scores I need. Inconsistent golf!

When we finished, I felt totally broken…and knackered. A well deserved beer did help a little though! The worse thing was knowing I had to go out again at 7.40am on Saturday. I wasn’t sure my body would take it!

So, Saturday came and I felt surprisingly perky! Ok, that might be over egging the pudding a bit, but I didn’t feel as tired as I did on Friday. It was a beautiful day too. There’s nothing quite like a round of golf when the sun is out.

Manor GC - inconsistent golf

Saturdays comp was a 4 ball better ball, and my partner was Adam, a great 6 handicap player. I guess the slight advantage of this comp, was that we only put down one of our scores for each hole, so it gave me some more breathing space across the 18. Good job too as yet again Mr inconsistent golf came out to play!

Started steady enough, albeit a little bit scrappy until I got the 5th, where I hit a monster slice into the trees, never to be seen again! Came off with an 8, which just gutted me. Even though Adam dropped it for a par, I was still annoyed with myself. It didn’t get much better. Some ok shots, some really scrappy shots. Again, putted pretty badly…nothing dropped. Worse than that was the inconsistency of my ball striking. No one swing felt the same, and I was meddling with it every time I grabbed a club. We all know that never works out.

We finished with 39 points. Not too bad all things considered, but the way I played was disappointing. If I’d have been flying solo for 18 holes, I think my score would have been quite unflattering!

So, over 9 holes I’m playing to a 5 or 6 handicap fairly consistently. Over 18, it’s quite different. Why is that? Why over 18 holes do I have this inconsistent golf game? Why can’t I just repeat what I did on the front 9? Why is golf so bloody frustrating?!?!?!?!?!?!

I suppose I should be pleased that at least I’ve shown I have the ability to score well, so that should give me confidence on achieving the goal of the challenge….shouldn’t it? I’ll be honest; the single figure still feels very far away at the minute.

Time to check back in with Ryan…