Kevin – Swing Diagnosis

Ryan Metcalfe


The very first time Kevin asked for a golf lesson I knew that he was the type of person committed to improving his game. There is something that just seems to come off some people, you just know they are serious about what they want and what they are willing to do to achieve it.  Through teaching Kevin I have come to understand that he wants to be a golfer that plays to a high standard.

The main problem with his ambition is that the swing he commands as of October 2013 is flawed to the point that a single figure handicap isn’t possible. That may sound a little harsh on Kevin but the truth is the swing isn’t good enough. However he has talent and a work ethic that holds him in good steed to improve this swing and reap the rewards.

To put it simply Kevin had a swing path which was considerably to the right of his target line. Swing path is one of the two main variables which influence the flight of the golf ball. It is measured at impact whilst the golf ball is in contact with the golf club. It’s the clubs direction during this contact which is Kevin’s main problem.

Kevin Swing


There were three shots that Kevin was able to hit with this swing path:

– A push

The golf ball starts to the right of Kevin’s target and has no curvature finishing to the right of target

– A draw

The ball again starts to the right of Kevin’s target and curves to the left whilst in the air and lands on target.

-A hook

The ball starts on Kevin’s target line and then curves severally to the left finishing considerably to the left of target

The reason for these different ball flights with this same club path is the clubface relationship to the path and how this relationship varies.

The following video explains this perfectly:

The main objective is to have Kevin’s clubface and swing path to be in the same direction giving a straight ball flight and have the ball start as close as possible to the target line.

In the next article I will be explaining the reasons behind Kevin’s swing path problems and the subsequent alterations.