Lesson 2 with Rick Shiels at Quest Golf Academy

Time for lesson number 2 with Rick Shiels over at Quest Golf Academy. So, the first lesson with Rick was great… and certainly gave me some things to work on. However, I had a holiday straight after so never had as much time to practice as I’d have liked.

But, I’m not one for excuses… not this year anyway! Once I got back from the holiday (no, it wasn’t a golf holiday!), I went to work pretty hard on my practice… working hard on fixing my swing path.

During this lesson, we worked on my set up. I have a tendency to either stoop, or hold my chin too high. Then, we worked on the first part of the takeaway to get me in a better position at the top of the golf swing before getting back into my swing path, and some nice drills to help me improve that.

Here’s a video of the lesson (sorry about the audio quality… not sure what happened!)