No low golf scores here


It’s Saturday again, and I’m on the hunt for some low golf scores! Anybody know where I can get them?

Well… here’s the thing. As most of you (UK folk anyway) know, we’ve had some pretty poor weather this week. Fortunately, we got away with it quite lightly but for some wind and rain. Further south has had a torrid time. So, The Manor remained open, albeit with just 16 holes. However, it was muddier than I’ve ever seen it!

In terms of my practice, this week has been a tough one for the challenge. I’ve been having some issues trying to initiate the correct downswing. In fact, I’m massively struggling with it. So, this week it feels like I’ve taken a bit of a step back with my swing. Ryan and I have worked really hard on some movements to try and help me to find a way to naturally start it and rotate properly. Trying to change what I’ve always done and NOT with my hands is tough. But, the work we’ve done seems to have upset everything else. This is particularly gutting, as I felt like I was striking it really well and wasn’t far away from some low golf scores out on the course. Now, I feel a little bit like I’m back to square one before going out for today’s round.

I knew today, it was unlikely that I’d produce some of the low golf scores that the challenge and me needed.


Muddy Manor


After a trudge to the 1st, I actually got off ok. Decent drive leaving me with about 140 yards to the pin. My second shot was pretty hideous, and a decent indication of what the rest of the round would be like. It was so wet and muddy that the club just stuck as I hit the ground. As a consequence I caught it pretty heavily, and the ball landed well short. I took a wedge, which I partly over hit, partly got taken by the wind and finished way over the back of the green. After a chip and a two putt, I walked off the 1st with a miserably muddy double bogey. Not the start I needed to get those low golf scores.

When we got to the green on the 2nd, it dawned on us how tough today was going to be. The wind was so full on it was actually moving the ball on the green! Not ideal. I walked of with another double!

The Par 4 3rd  was the only real highlight of the round. I hit a fantastic drive that seemed to stay in the air forever. It was right on line too. I really tried to forget about everything and just focus on a target, which seemed to really work. Why the hell can’t I do that on all the other shots?? As I walked toward the ball, there she sat on the green. Amazing, I was on the green for one, eagle putt incoming!


Any Low Golf Scores?


Disappointingly, I three putted and ended up with a par. What could have been!

The rest of the round was pretty awful, so I’ll make this brief. It was so difficult to play in. The wet and muddy course would have been bad enough to contend with on its own, but the wind was just shocking. Several times at the top of a backswing it was actually blowing me off balance. Subsequently, we came off after 9 holes. It was just unplayable.



I scored a miserable 49 for 9 holes, which is 4 over my handicap and nowhere near the kind of low golf scores I need to be shooting. My swing felt out of sorts, but for sure the conditions did me no favours.

I got into my car feeling gutted and demoralised… again!

So, this week I’ll be working hard on trying to get my downswing in some sort of groove so I can get back to where I need to be. Then next week, hopefully the weather will be kinder and dry out the course a little.

Then, I can go after these low golf scores I so desperately need!

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