Is it a low winter golf score…?

Is it a low winter golf score…?

As I said on the last blog, it was a shame the season had to end when it did as I really felt like I was getting my game back and felt like some low rounds were on the way.

I played last weekend, and despite only scoring 32 points (it was a ¾ handicap stableford), I had no scores on 4 holes, which essentially ruined my card. Still managed to finish with an 88, which meant I played to my handicap. The most pleasing thing, was that I was actually hitting the ball very well. It was a few silly mistakes / bad decisions that cost me. But, I felt like a low winter golf score wasn’t very far away.

This week, I went and had a lesson with Ryan Rastall over at the JWhitaker Golf Performance Centre at Howley Hall GC. We established what was causing most of my ‘bad shots’. I’m turning the face too much at impact, causing a slight hook. Combined with a slightly open stance and slightly closed shoulders, and when I get it wrong, it puts me quite far off line. This is the great thing about the Trackman set up down there. It meant that as well as looking at my swing on video, the numbers Trackman delivered confirmed this was the case, within about 15 consistent shots. This meant we could work on a fix straight away as we established the issue far quicker than you could by watching. So, after a quick drill and a session spent trying to set the ball out right I felt like I was hitting it lot better. My Trackman numbers were also showing improvement. Happy days!

So, off I went on Saturday morning’s comp at The Manor, and what a lovely morning for it, although only just light!

Lovely Morning for a Low Winter Golf Score

It was a stableford this week, and I was feeling pretty confident. Again, I was striking the ball really well and felt like I was in some control of the ball. However, I was still not able to score. My front 9 was pretty average, although a birdie and a par meant the stableford score was a little prettier! I shot a 45 on the front, giving me 17 points. Despite the score, I still felt like it could happen, I could still get a low winter golf score today.

I’d been hitting it well off the tee all day, but on the 10th I hit it just off the fairway to the left which left me blocked out by a tree. Sensibly (for once!), I accepted the shot and just hit a little bump and run 6 iron to put me back in play. Hit a wedge to the green, and sank the 10ft putt for a par. That seemed to ignite it for me.

I played the next two holes equally well. The first three holes on the back 9 at The Manor can easily wreck a card. They have done many times. Today, through 10, 11 and 12 I was level par gross, largely due to some pretty decent putting. Maybe it was the pretty patterns on the green that were helping?!

Low Winter Golf Score - Patterns on the green

I had an unneccasary bogey on the 13th after I under-clubbed into a massive wind, but still I was striking the ball really well. But, after that I had pars on the next 3 holes, meaning I was still +1 gross on the back 9.

I blocked my drive a little on the 17th and had a tricky shot from the rough. Left it just short of the green, but chipped on. Just over cooked it and found myself with a 10ft putt for par. The putter had felt great on the back 9 and had only had 10 putts on the last 7 holes, so knew this one had a good chance of dropping too if I committed to it. Off it went….straight into the hole. Another par.

Standing on the Par 5 18th, I knew if I could just get a bogey I’d be on for a reasonable score. This hole was playing really long today. It’s a 540-yard par 5, uphill. It also usually has the wind in your face. Today was no different, hence why a bogey would feel ok on here today.

Hit another solid drive with a slight fade, leaving my right in the middle of the fairway. I followed it up with an ok 3 wood, but still had a 5 iron to go. Told you it was a long way today! My 5 iron got caught in the wind too and ended up short.

My chipping had been ok today, but I’d left lots short giving me some hefty putts. So, I probably over compensated and hit it way past. I was looking at a 25 ft putt for par. As it left my club, it looked in…

It stopped just short of the hole. Tap in bogey, finishing the back 9 with a 38 and 24 points.

Overall, I shot an 83, and managed 41 points. Dead chuffed with that, and I won the division too, which always makes a nice score feel a little sweeter.

So, a decent day of golf…and one I can’t grumble at. Now just need to get some real momentum going on.