Will I ever get a Lower Golf Score?

Will I ever get the lower golf score I so desperately want?


I really need a lower golf score, and one that’s consistently lower. I’ve talked about setting some golfing goals before, but I’ve still not done it. After this weekends round, I know that now is the time to commit to some targets, and make sure I achieve them!

This weekend was ok to be honest. A definite improvement on last week that’s for sure. The work we’ve started doing with the driver at least gave me a little confidence off the tee. Didn’t always work out mind!

As I had a slightly later tee time this week, I did something I never normally do… I warmed up by hitting a few balls on the range! I was pretty confident getting up there as my Bob Rotella audiobook has been given some stick this week, that soon went after 20 range balls! I wasn’t hitting it great at all…in fact, the worse it had been all week. With all that aside, surely this little bit of practice would help with today’s golf score?

So, first tee. Driver out. No idea what’s going to happen…


Where are my low golf scores


I tried to remember the swing thoughts on my practice swing, but when I came to hitting my shot I really focused on getting rid of them. My only thought was to identify my target, then hit the ball. Dr Bob reckons this has to be the way.

It worked out ok on the 1st. Hit it really well, bit of a fade (which I’d expect, and what I’m aiming for right now) but a really nice strike. The ball landed about 110 yards from the pin, right of the fairway… and plugged! Hit a 9 iron to 20 ft and two putted for a par. Nice start. This carried on for the next two holes, with pars on both. Happy days! Is this the start of a cracking golf score?

The front 9 finished ok. Wheels fell of a bit on the 5th with a triple bogey, and some pretty shocking putting let a few more great par opportunities go. Finished the front 9 with 43 (par 35), so 2 under my handicap. Still, the potential low golf score on the card is there for the taking! Generally, the -2 score was deserved. My driving was better, although a few sliced today which I haven’t done in a long time. It definitely felt better. As with the last few weeks, once again my irons were good. I feel so confident with them these days. Also, mentally I felt pretty good and tried really hard to NOT think about my swing when I was hitting the ball and NOT tear strips off myself when I got it a little bit wrong.

Here I am hitting the driver again. Still lots of work to do, but the top of the back swing looks much better than last week’s swing! It does right?



The back 9 wasn’t so good. This seems to happen every week at the minute and I think I’ve got a mental block now! As the 10th and 11th are closed, you have a pretty hefty walk from the 9th down to the 12th. I’m sure this is effecting my rhythm as I seem to start really poorly now on the back 9.

By the 16th, I was 4 over my handicap – a triple, a double and another triple. NOT going to help with that ‘potential low golf score on the card! Pulled a shot back on 16 with a par, but ended up finishing 1 over my handicap. Rubbish.

I’m a long way from the low single figure handicap I need to achieve what we’ve set out to do with this challenge. I know if I’m to get there, I now need to set some targets that are going to be tough, but achievable.



END OF JAN            –            Be consistently shooting 90

END OF FEB            –            Be consistently shooting 85

END OF MAR           –            Be shooting 80 (as near as damn it!)


Dropping 12 shots between now and end of March feels pretty daunting. But shooting a golf score that’s close to these numbers is ESSENTIAL. If I’m not somewhere near, it’s going to be tough to get that handicap down where it needs to be in time. I need to work hard and be confident I can do it. Dr Bob Rotella will help us too!


It starts again this week as I’m going to do some short game work with Richard Pace. He’s a certified Vector Putting Coach over in Hull. Basically, it’s a technique to help you read the greens accurately. Really looking forward to it. Right now, I need all the help I can get to move the score in the right direction. What’s that old saying… ‘drive for show, putt for dough’? I’ll be honest, I’d quite like to be good at both!

Read this too…not sure his tips will help, but its a great story!

Get these and that low golf score will be mine!!