Have I got a lower handicap?

After the last weeks frustrations, playing inconsistent golf and NOT getting a lower handicap, I went back out to play in the 9 hole stableford comp (3/4 handicap) on Tuesday not really knowing what kind of game I would have. The weather had taken a turn for the worst too. It wasn’t raining, but it was cold and windy.

Started with a nice drive on the first, and my swing felt pretty good. Over hit the second and had a couple of scrappy chip shots. After a two putt I walked of with a 6. Far from ideal.

Things got better over the next two holes though. Hit good tee shots on both that left me able to go at the green. Was successful on both and two putted them for two pars.

The rest of the 9 was really steady. I wasn’t particularly good off the tee but the rest of my game was solid. My swing felt consistent and my short game was always giving me a chance. Off the tee, I did hit a few of the fairways, but my ball was going way too high and short. This was the one negative with my game today. Not the kind of tee shot that will help me on a Saturday, nor would it help me to a lower handicap.

After bogeys at the 4th and 5th, I steadied the ship again with pars at the 6th and 7th hole. Walking onto the 8th, I was +4 gross. Hit a pretty wild tee shot on the 8th that sliced wide. Managed to get onto the green for three and my par put just lipped out. Took a bogey taking it to +5.

On the 9th I hit another tee shot out to the right, which was annoying. It left me with a really tight 70-yard shot to the green over some trees. Definitely a risky one. Hit a nice gentle 54º wedge to about 8 ft leaving me a birdie putt. Over the 9, I’d had a few putts that had lipped out, so I wasn’t feeling particularly confident stood over this one. Still, I knew I had to have a good go at it.

As soon as I hit it, it looked in. Thankfully, it dropped for a birdie, which gave me a score of 40, +4 gross.


Score - Lower Handicap


I came off the 9 feeling pretty chuffed with that. If I could replicate that over 18 holes, the lower handicap would certainly come.

The next day, I received the results of the comp. Annoyingly, despite my 40/21 points, I only came 4th. Still, I was pleased with my game over the 9.

Then, I had another email saying ‘Notification of Handicap Change’. I’d been cut from 19.8 to 18.1. Brilliant. A lower handicap, a handicap going in the right direction. Just what the doctor and the challenge ordered. So chuffed.

Handicap - Lower Handicap

However, it turns out my celebrations may have been short lived. I found out there was a question mark over this change. Apparently, it may have been a computer glitch and handicaps ‘CAN NOT’ be adjusted from scores whilst playing in this comp. Surely it’s still a competition score? I have to say, I’m a little gutted!

At this point, I’m still waiting to hear if I’m still at 19.8 or if it’s the new lower handicap of 18.1. Cross everything as this is the kind of confidence boost I need right now!