Monte Rei Golf & Country Club

The last golf course on my family summer holiday / sneaky golf trip, was Monte Rei Golf & Country Club. I’d heard a lot about this place before hand, so figured I should play it.

It was the last course we were playing on the trip… and we certainly saved the best until last. It is the MOST AMAZING golf course. Ever!

Now, before we talk about my golf, let’s just talk a little about the course. Yes, the green fees are not cheap, but nowhere in Portugal is. The stuff you get here as part of that fee more than makes up for it. To be honest, even if you didn’t get all the amazing extra things, you’d still feel like you’d had value for your money.

Now, the course… and my game.

As with the other rounds, it was David (my father in law) and me… but we also joined up with Carl (a friend and member at Moor Allerton) and Scott (head teaching pro at Moor Allerton) who were also in the area on hols.
I played the first 7 holes pretty well… especially as it is a particularly tricky golf course. After 7 I was only +5.
But, as is often the case with my game, silly mistakes began to creep in and I made a silly 7 on the 8th.

Monte Rei Golf & Country Club 9th-par-3

Things fell apart a little on the back 9… despite a man coming round with a cold flannel to ‘cool us down’. Seriously, how awesome is that!

I was just about getting away with it, until the 14th. It went wrong there. And again on the 15th. Nothing particularly bad, just very careless shots that completely ruined my card.
I did manage to pull it back a little for the last three, but my I know my swing was not good and in fact, the shots could have gone anywhere. Once again, I was using my hands too much and was therefore reliant on good timing.

Monte Rei Golf & Country Club 18th-par-5

If you’re a pro, you can get away with that. A 15 handicap amateur cannot!

Still, I finished with 31 points on Monte Rei. To be honest, the score was kind of insignificant as the golf course was such a joy to play. In fact, the whole experience was a joy… so much so, I was genuinely gutted to leave.

One thing I know for sure… I will be going back again!

VIDEO – Monte Rei Golf & Country Club