Monthly Medal + wine gums = Lethal

Captains drive and a monthly medal was the order of today. In theory, the captains drive should indicate the start of the season proper; no winter mats or temporary greens, lush fairways, beautifully cut greens etc etc.

Not this year!

Our course is completely sodden again. We’re still on winter mats. The 2nd is back on the temporary green and the bunkers were all GUR. Not the summer golf I was hoping for. It’s more like the winter golf variety.

But, we’ll soldier on like the brave golfers we are. Battling with the elements, trying to remain calm whilst sliding down the muddy fairways!

At least if it’s a stableford competition, you can enjoy a full 18. The Monthly Medal isn’t quite as forgiving!

As per usual, started well. Kicked off with a par, which was lovely. Played the second well too, nice ball striking. It was just a dodgy temporary green that left me with a bogey.

After two holes I’m -1 in the monthly medal. It’s all going ok, and I’m feeling good. The ball is going where I want it, how I want it. Excellent stuff.

Onto the 3rd, a nice easy par 4. No real trouble other than a bunker at the front right, but that doesn’t really come into play off the tee. I hit a lovely 3 wood straight down the fairway, slightly left. Exactly where I aimed as it’s a better line in.

Off we wandered down to our balls, chatting away and enjoying the morning so far. I was having a lovely time with my golfing buddies (Russ, Tom & Jamie) and actually feeling positive about my game.

Got to where my ball should have been…and nothing. My ball was nowhere to be seen! Much confusion ensued from us all as we searched the fairway, but still… nothing!! I could not believe it. Gutted was not the word. Whilst looking, the next group appeared on the tee. We waved them through as we all knew it was here somewhere, it had to be. Clearly, it’s plugged. The is not what my monthly medal score needed.

After 5 minutes of searching by all four of us, I had to make the decision to run back to the tee and play another ball. By the time I got there, sweating and completely out of breath, the next group had arrived. Cue massive pressure!

I rushed my shot and hit it right and into the trees. I walked off the hole with a 6, not bad considering I was playing 3 off the tee.

I was still feeling rushed, stressed and thoroughly annoyed with the last hole as I got to the 4th. All this caused by the disappearing ball and the chaos that followed.


the 4th - monthly medal

I knew that the next shot was not going to end well. And it didn’t! My old nemesis, the 4th. I pushed it right off the tee and caught the trees. I tee’d it up gain and hit another. Stupidly, I did the same. At that point, I retired myself from the monthly medal!


I played on, but just treated it as practice. It was a shame as I’d had some really good holes too.

The 11th was in equal parts brilliant and disastrous. It’s a par 4, about 270 yards, on an elevated tee. The green is tucked away to the left. It’s a bit shorter off the winter mats, but with a safe iron, not reachable. Well, it never has been in the past!


Hole11 monthly medal


I said I’d play up whilst the group ahead were on the green as I wasn’t going for it and wouldn’t reach it with my 6 iron.

Stepped up and hit the best 6 iron of my life. To my complete horror, off it sailed to the green and to the exact spot our fellow members were stood. We all shouted as we watched my ball hit the green, between the captain and another chap. Not good.

Of course, I apologised, but they didn’t look happy with us. However, I was on the green in one! Didn’t get the eagle, but I was grateful for the birdie.

I’ve never struck a 6 iron as well as that ever, it went for miles. I think it may have been a massive sugar rush after a packet of these!


Wine gums and the monthly medal


I’m not sure if it was a coincidence, but it seemed that shortly after a mouthful of these bad boys I had superman strength and smashed every ball I hit into next week!

Apart from that minor incident on 11, I had some decent holes. 3 pars and 2 birdies. But, I’d blown the monthly medal so it didn’t count for much. One real positive was that my ball striking (for the most part) was really good. I just need to stop letting other situations throw me.

More work to be done with Ryan on my course management, and more work with David MacKenzie, the golf mental coach guru required me thinks! And a few bags of wine gums too!
Oh, something else pretty ace. If you’re anything like me and have dreams of ‘in another life I’m a pro golfer’, have a look at this.


LTD Web Ad 300x230 96dpi (JAN 2014)


Essentially, its an amateur golf competition where you can win a trip to play in Dubai…all expenses paid!! Seriously! You play two home and two away matched (3/4 stableford) and a regional final. Nail those and off to Dubai you go to play in the final. Flights, hotels and golf all sorted. Entry fee is only £35 (or £70 for pairs). I think this is officially ace! Have I entered? Damn right I have!!! Here’s the link to the League To Dubai site. Click it and get your golfing selves signed up too. Think the entry date closes pretty soon though so be quick!

With all that said, I seriously need to get my game in order!