It’s all about my alignment on the golf course!

It’s all about my alignment on the golf course!

Just thought I’d do a quick update after my lesson today…where it was apparent where most of my issues are coming from. My alignment on the golf course.

After having a shocking couple of rounds over the weekend, my trip to see Ryan Rastall at JWhitaker Golf could not come soon enough this. If you read the last blog, my bad shots at the weekend were… err… every type of bad shot you could have imagined! Hooks, pushes, fat ones. You name the bad shot, I hit one! These were the shots that I need to get rid of if the challenge is going to be a success.

It was a pretty cold day, but we decided to go outside to the practice ground at Howley Hall GC so we could see the actual ball flight, which felt like a real treat. Well, it did until the good old Yorkshire drizzle arrived! Still, it was nice to be outside.

Alignment_Irons_Hacker To Single FiguresI warmed up with a few shots before Ryan asked me to pick a target. I selected a flag further down the range, took aim and hit my shot. I hit it massively right! I stood there for a moment whilst Ryan put his alignment sticks down and showed me where I was actually aiming. Yup…not anywhere near to the flag I thought I was aiming at!


Once we got lined up, immediately the strikes were better. Essentially, what I was doing was this. I was pulling back my right leg, which is something I’ve always done and is something someone told me once upon a time to do so I could ‘hit a draw’. But, combine that with my body closed to the target and I’m in all kinds of trouble. It just means I can’t turn my body through the ball, and I then try to rely on my hands coming into play to rescue the shot. I was also sitting back on my right side too much and not transferring my weight as I turned through to the ball. Essentially, my poor alignment on the golf course was the catalyst for all these issues.

Here’s what Ryan and I worked on a little bit during the lesson.

When we got to my driver, we also added a little more loft as previously I was getting a little underneath the ball. It seemed to really work as within a few shots I was hitting the ball beautifully!

So all in all, my alignment on the golf course is key for me. It’s not a new problem to be honest. I’ve always really struggled to get my alignment sorted. I could really do with some kind of drill that I can take on the course, as it’s relatively easy when you have alignment sticks on the floor! I suppose at least I know what I need to really work on at the range tomorrow.

Anyone got any good tips? Rickie Fowler suggests these little tips to get lined up. Anyone else?