Can new golf shoes = a new golf handicap?

Could this be the week I improve and get a new golf handicap? Well, after the week of golf I’d had, I couldn’t be feeling any better. Plus, on top of feeling like my game is actually in good shape, I had a new pair of golf shoes that didn’t let in water!

new golf handicap - shoes

As per usual, we were due out around 7.40, and the weather was looking pretty miserable. It was cold, damp and the sky was a very menacing grey colour. It looked like we may get wet! Still, my spirits could not be dampened… I was after a low score and and a new golf handicap!

I hit a great drive down the first, straight down the middle. Set my second out a little too left, and ended up with about 40 yards to the green. Chipped on and two putted for a bogey 5. I’ll take that off the first. Hit another great drive off the second, leaving me about 140 yards to the pin. It’s all downhill and subsequently plays much shorter. Hit a great 9 iron to about 20ft. Two putted for a par.

By the time we got to the third, the rain had started. Thankfully, I brought my trolley today so the brolly contraption came out!

new golf handicap - brolly

Started the third with a great tee shot, but hit a really shonky pitch that went out right and into the trees. It was all going so well! Thankfully, managed to chip out and two putt for another bogey. I was particularly pleased about this. Usually, when I hit a bad one like that, I start hacking around making a bad situation even worse. On this occasion, I didn’t do that. I assessed the situation, took my medicine and accepted what I had. By doing that, it actually turned out ok. I must remember this sensible approach more often! Hit the 4th tee shot a little fat, which left me short. Chipped on though and left myself a 2ft putt for par. Nailed it! I’m now +2 gross…and heading towards that new golf handicap.

On the 5th, the wheels came off a bit. Hit a decent tee shot, and a second just short of the green. Chipped on but left myself a 20ft putt. Stupidly, didn’t put my first one close enough and 3 putted for a 6. Silly shot dropped really. I think I let that get to me a little as the next shot could only be described as poor. Hit my first ball right, which sailed into the trees, never to be seen again! Now, getting really annoyed with myself, hit my second tee shot completely the other way!! It was safe, but in a poor position. I actually struck the next one really well, but it just wasn’t quite high enough to get over the trees in front of me, which took the legs off it. Four shots down, and I’m still not near the green! Hit the next one close, chipped on and putted for a 7. Just rubbish…and gutting.

The next two holes were much the same. A pair of double bogeys. It was a shame really as on both holes I’d struck the ball well, it was my putting that was really letting me down. I’m not sure why as that’s the part of my game that has been so consistent of late.

On the 9th, struck a decent tee shot that headed slightly right. Hit a great pitch that I though would be somewhere near. When I got up to my ball, I found it plugged on the bank!

new golf handicap - plugged

Chipped and putted for a par. Finished the front with 47 shots / 17 stableford points. It’s not looking too good for this new golf handicap!

The back 9 was a whole lot better, and more consistent. Still had two double bogeys, but both were where I’d put myself in trouble off the tee. The real weak point of the round (aside from my putting!), was off the tee with my driver. Despite hitting some good shots off the tee, I never once felt comfortable with it in my hands, and never really knew where it was going to go. Once I got an iron in my mitts, I felt happy again!

Onto 17 and I was -2 (handicap) through the back. Hit a decent drive that was straight and on the fairway. My playing partner Russ was having some issues of his own on the 17th. Looking for a ball he took a rather comedy tumble in the long rough. There’s nothing funnier that a golfer with his bag on his back taking a tumble, then trying to get up…whilst still having said clubs on your back! I think this may have put my off on this hole!

new golf handicap - russ

Duffed my next shot, which landed short of the green. Chipped on and made another silly 3 putt for a double bogey 6. Just one hole left now, and it’s the one I find toughest on the course. It’s a par 5, 540 yards…all uphill and generally with the wind in your face!

Hit probably my best tee shot of the day. Got to my ball and realised I was still what felt like a mile (uphill) from the hole. Decided to hit a 3 wood off the deck, which I generally never do due to it never ending well. But, I decided to take a chance. Hit one of the best 3 woods of my life that flew off into the distance. Hit a great 8 iron onto the green that was a little long, but still two putted for a par. Dead happy with that as this is a hole that I always think if I bogey it, I’ll be happy.

Finished the back with a 44 / 20 points, meaning overall I finished -1 (handicap). Not brilliant for the desired new golf handicap or the challenge,  but at least I was actually under my handicap this week.

There’s a long way to go, but it’s a step in the right direction. My game is in ok shape, I just need to improve my consistency for 18 holes and get rid of the pesky, irritating double bogeys.

Later that day, I received this notification:

new golf handicap

YES!! I’ve been cut and I have a new golf handicap. Ok, its not a massive one, it drops from 20.4 to 19.8. It is still a reduction! We’re getting there with the challenge, slowly but surely. I put it all down to the new shoes!