Can somebody call a physicist?

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With my new approach to practice this week, I paid my first visit to the range on Tuesday. I only hit about 50 balls as I didn’t have much time, but it was considerable better than Saturday! The swing felt better too. However, the minute I started to think about it, the balls started to go wayward. I wish the brain had an off switch.

Today, I had another session with Ryan. He seemed quite happy and pleased with the progress we are making on the backswing. Apparently, I’m getting much closer to where I need to be. My posture is far better meaning I’m giving myself more room to swing and I no longer look like a hunchback over the ball. I’m still on occasion heading back towards my old position with a really open club face, then dropping my hands. This is bad!

We made a couple more tweaks to my backswing today.

Change 1:

Wrist. My wrist angle was very flat which was assisting the closed clubface in relation to path. I would never have thought that in a million years. This is the thing, a PGA pro is essential to check in with as they can spot these things a mile off. Ryan saw this and helped me correct it. Now I’m getting my wrist and club at the right angle early on before I make the upward movement. This is meaning I’ve got a much greater chance of getting my club head in the correct position at the top of my backswing.

Change 2:

Grip. This is the slightly scary one. I’ve messed around with my grip a lot over the years. My right hand was a little too underneath the club, aka a ‘strong right hand grip’ (I think…or maybe weak? Anyone?). Basically, Ryan just had me turn my right hand over a fraction so I can see the first knuckle. I was also leaving a pretty big gap between my thumb & finger so the club was slipping toward it! This is probably the change that’s felt the strangest. I felt like I was going to let go of the club!


So, changes made and I’ve hit a few. Hit some really nice ones too. Brilliant. Progress. Then I hit a few blocks. After staying silent for a few of these, Ryan then gave me some more of those bizarre words of encouragement. ‘Blocks are good’.


I’ll admit…I’m still a little confused by this. How can a block be good? I’m still trying to understand some of the basic (very basic) bits of ball flight…but I think it’s to do with the club path and club face? I think Ryan is happy because both club path and club face are heading in the same direction, where as before they were probably more like opposites. Again, this is what I ‘think’. Ryan did explain it to me…but I think I may have been wearing my confused face as I’m still not that much wiser. My theory does kind of make sense though…doesn’t it? I’m now hitting it straight with no curvature of the ball so the club face must be square and path must be on the same line right? I’m all for a ball that goes straight! This is another of those ‘trust your coach’ moments. Ryan knows exactly what is happening and why…oh, and what we need to do next to actually hit it straight along to the target. He’s just drip feeding me the information to prevent my brain from exploding!

This whole thing is getting confusing. I need a degree in physics to understand all this. Can someone call Stephen Hawking?