I need to play more golf…

I need to play more golf…

The last week or so of golf can be best described as disappointing. Yup, nothing to celebrate here. Time to move on!

I have made one decision though, so I suppose I could call that a positive move.

I played last week in the comp, and had another round with the new Nike irons. They’re so shiny it seems wrong not to use them! Also, the old Mizuno’s now feel awful when I hit them, so haven’t bothered since!

Anyway, let me quickly tell you about my last round. If I was to sum it up in one word, that word would simply be… poor. It was massively inconsistent. I hit some really nice shots, but in equal measures, hit some really bad ones too. I suppose the one positive was the irons did start to feel a whole lot better. My driving though, was still pretty poor. I managed to scrape a couple of pars and even a birdie, but on the whole, it wasn’t pretty. I was never really sure where the ball would go!

The biggest annoyance was my putting. Usually, it’s the most consistent part of my game. Not last week. I had far too many of these…

Yup, the dreaded three putt! I have no idea what was going on. Maybe my ball just didn’t want to go in the hole. Maybe this was a claustrophobic golf ball? Either way, it wouldn’t go in!

I also played in the 9-hole comp, which was a little better. I started off ok with the driver too which was a positive. It was still a little scrappy and I still had one three putt. Still, it was another 9 holes with the new clubs and that’s what counts at the minute.

I managed to shoot +4 gross which considering the fact that I only hit four fairways in regulation, was pretty good. It wasn’t enough to improve my stats on my golfshake score tracker though! I did however feel happier with my new clubs by the end of it.

The real worry at the minute is this…a busy social calendar at a time when I need to play more golf.

Play more golf - dreaded calender

We were away this weekend so I couldn’t play. I’d also had a mega busy week at work so that meant no real practice. This weekend I’m playing, but then I’m away again the weekend after, which also means NO GOLF. The timing of this is really bad. I’m at the most crucial stage of the challenge and need to be playing as much as possible to try to regain my consistency. Not to mention making better friends with the new clubs. It’s also worth noting the stupid weather isn’t making it easy either.

I’m quickly running out of time and not playing consistently enough to be dropping the shots I need. I’ll be honest, I’m feeling the pressure a little. I just need all these other things to help me out so I can just get on the course and play more golf.

However, one little ray of light amongst all this negativity…my eldest boy Freddie. Freddie is 4 and got his first clubs a few months back. He’s messed with them a bit over that time, but has recently got a bit obsessed with it, and wants to be hitting them all the time.  He’s not doing too bad either…

So, his future looks fairly bright. The future of the challenge however is looking a little gloomy. I know I’m going to need a plan.

If you are a friend of mine, or a family member I apologise in advance. You won’t be seeing me for the next 6 weeks as I need to give the challenge my full attention. I’m going on a strict regime to play more golf.