A few practice holes at The Centurion Club

After all my good intentions over the past few weeks, and my definite golf improvement, I’ve fallen off the wagon a touch. I’m now realising just how much!

After my rather nice 9 holes at Moor Allerton, I played in the medal at my home club, Howley Hall. I was hitting the ball really well actually, but could only manage a net 77. That included a few really silly shots that I threw away too… so in that sense it was even more disappointing. Still, as they say… lots of green shoots!

Had another range session, and played in a monthly FORE Business competition at Oulton Hall. Again, played pretty well, and once again left a few out there. Came off with a gross 85, which wasn’t too bad. During this round, it did feel like it was slipping away a bit and I didn’t feel very comfortable with my game.

Then, I went away for the weekend… which meant NO GOLF (Mrs P’s birthday!).

But… it’s only a few days not swinging a golf club… almost a week. It couldn’t possibly go that bad, that quick could it?

I then had some filming work to do down south, so decided that if I had the time, I’d try and play a few holes. And practice I did! I managed to get on and play a few practice holes at  The Centurion Club, so big thanks to the guys down there.

The Centurion Club – Holes 1 – 4 

Now, first things first. It’s a damn fine golf course. I also believe it’s pretty hard to get on unless you know a member. But, if you do and you can… you should! Sadly, as you can see from the video, my golf was not very attractive!

My biggest struggles came off the tee. I was hitting hooks (mostly) or the occasional block. Whichever one I got, it was putting me in trouble. It was not pretty!

The Centurion Club – Holes 15 – 18


See… pretty bad wasn’t it? I have to admit, I was a bit gutted too. I actually hit my irons ok, and my putting was ok too (apart from the Ernie moment!). But, I never really felt very comfortable over the ball.

It was one of those situations where the harder you try, the more you think about your swing, the worse it gets…! One to forget, which was a real shame. It does re-enforce the need for consistent practice.

Now that is behind me, onto the positives. I’m going to see James Whitaker on Friday for a much needed lesson. Hopefully he can get me back on the right track before my next comp… on Saturday!