Tis the season for Rabbits Golf

It was time to get back into the swing of Rabbits golf. Thankfully, I had another decent week of practice. I’ve discovered that if I can get to the course for around 7.30, I can get 7, sometimes 9 holes in and still be in the office before 9am. So, did this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday! It’s actually a really nice way to start the day and think about the stuff you’ve got to do. Almost like a bit of a mental cleanse! That’s what I’m sticking with anyway!

Played ok too and most pleasing, I’m striking the ball really well. Over the three mornings and over 9 holes, I’m averaging at +6 gross, which I’d take all day long on a Saturday for the challenge! The shots I’ve been losing are just sloppy ones from around 60 yards in where I’m just not getting my distances right. I’m either short or long…never close enough for a 1 putt. But, I’m sure that will get better the more I play as it’s such a feel thing.  All in all, my preperation for my rabbits golf has been more than adequate.

So, Thursday, was my first Rabbits golf league match of the season. We played a singles matchplay competition against Calverley Golf Club. I really enjoy playing matchplay too…which is a bonus!

Now, lets talk about the weather. As you probably guessed by my Mon, Tue & Wed golf, the weather has been really nice. Thursday, when I have to play 18 holes of competitive rabbits golf…it was raining… all day! Still, I was determined take my current form onto the course and get a win.

When I got to Calverley Golf Club and got out of the car, it was even more miserable than I’d thought. It was cold too, so cold I actually wore my woolly hat!

After meeting our Rabbits golf friends, I set off to the 1st hole with my playing partner Steve and let him show me the way.

The 1st was a par 4, 386 yard hole, slightly left to right with bunkers at the front of the green. My first tee shot was pretty rubbish, and squirted out right. It left me blocked out by a tree! Had to take my punishment and knock it back onto the fairway. Thankfully, Steve had caught a tree with his second. Hit my third shot and chipped on for 4. I two putted to start my round with a disappointing 6. Fortunately, Steve only matched it.

rabbit golf - calverley gc map

My game didn’t improve at all through the next 8 holes. Off the tee I was poor and I was blocking everything out right. Then, with my irons I just couldn’t get the distances right as I was over hitting everything, despite using the course distance markers. This can be one of the problems with Rabbits golf and not knowing the course. I was also putting really badly!

By the 8th hole, I was 3 down. Not good for my first rabbits golf match of the season.

The turning point was the 9th, a par 5, 504 yard dog leg right. Again, hit a poor tee shot, this time left! Took an easy 7 iron, as I had no real idea where I was going, which still left me 220 yards to the green. I hit my rescue well, but a little left, which was where Steve told me not to hit it due to some pretty nasty rough! However, I knew it would be up there and probably not far enough for trouble. Steve went for a 3 wood, but had a bit of a nightmare, hitting a couple of duffs. He then struck a really good 3 wood that sailed off further left than mine. We got up there to my ball and I chipped short and right of the green. Steve’s ball was nowhere to be seen, more than likely lost in the long stuff. At that point, he deemed it lost and conceded the hole. Just 2 down now, but not the way I’d have like to have won the hole.

I pulled another back on the par 3 10th to leave me just 1 down. We halved the next and set off down the 12th, a par 4 285 yard hole with a ditch running across the fairway. Hit a reasonable drive, but still a little right and chipped on. The ball skipped off and ran to the back edge of the green and just trickled off. Steve did the same, a little further off than me. He chipped on, and ran 10 ft past the pin. I lined up my putt, had a good look at the hole and hit it. From the minute it left the club it looked in. Dropped for a birdie and brought us back level for the game. I was back in this rabbits golf match.

Despite being back in the game, I still wasn’t playing well. I have no idea why. I just wasn’t striking it properly. Something just didn’t feel right and the shots I was hitting well were too long! It was one of those days where it just wasn’t happening.

The turning point was the 14th. Hit my drive way left and out of bounds, Steve hit his slightly right. Tee’d up another and hit a belter, long and straight down the middle. I hit an 8 iron to about 10ft of the pin, again a belter of a shot. Steve had a bit of nightmare and by the time he hit the green we were both there for 4. Both two putter for a ½. But, I’d struck the ball really well and felt like whatever it was had clicked back into place.

Rabbits Golf - 16th

Played the next two holes well and after 16 I was 2 up with two to play. 17 was annoying as I hit a steady tee shot and lost my second somewhere, even though it wasn’t a bad shot. I ended up having to concede the hole, which left me just 1 up heading to 18. This last hole could win me my first rabbits golf match of the season.

Hit a 5 iron off the tee as there was a ditch across the fairway that I wasn’t confident in taking on. It landed in the middle of the fairway. Hit my second long…again, and was just off the back. Steve hit a great second out of some horrible rough, just short. We both chipped on to a similar distance, around 12 ft. Steve putted first…and put it just past to finish with a 5. I lined up my ball and had a good luck at the hole. It dropped for a par, winning the hole.

Somehow, despite my awful game I managed to win my first rabbits golf match of the season by 2 holes, and of the three rabbits golf matches we played, we won two and halved one. So, all in all a successful night for The Manor GC meaning we topped the league!

rabbits golf _ top of league


It was wet, cold and windy and my game was scrappy, and even horrible at times and my shoes were soaking wet (used the old ones as my new ones are still too white and pristine for rain!).  But, as Ryan said…a win is a win. Now I need to just try and get my game back in ready for the medal competition on Saturday.

All that was left, was the best bit of rabbits golf…the dinner!!!