What’s the deal with Saturday golf?

I’m not sure what it is about Saturday golf that’s different to every other day of the week. I never seem to be able to play at the same level as every other day. For example, I played a 9 hole competition on Tuesday. I didn’t rip it up, but played ok for a 44.

On Thursday I played in another Rabbits league match. Incidentally, I discovered this week that the rabbits league is something unique to us Yorkshire folk. I have to say, I was shocked by this. Why don’t other rabbits across the UK get to play in competitive leagues too?

Anyway, back to the match. This time, we were at home to Calverley GC. The weather was pretty awful, as it usually is on rabbits league night! It had rained all day and showed no signs that it would retreat.

Saturday Golf - Rabbits 

Despite the dodgy conditions, I played really well. Struck the ball well, putted well and even from around 60 yards I was putting it close. I just felt in total control of my game. My swing felt repeatable and at times really felt like I was actually ‘in the zone’ that people often talk about. That feeling that you’re so grooved in that you just don’t think about the swing, you only think about where you want the ball to go. It really worked too. I did have a couple of dodgy holes (a 7 on the par 4 2nd and an 8 on the par 4 12th…silly mistakes!), but overall I played some lovely golf, hitting 86% of the fairways (nice stat!).

I won my match 4 & 3 and scored a respectable 88, even with a 7 and an 8. Considering the conditions, I was made up with that. It also meant we are currently undefeated and top of the league.

Saturday Golf - Rabbits League

Then, along comes the Saturday…

What made this particular round of Saturday golf even trickier was the weather. The forecast was so bad, we almost cancelled our game. But, we decided to head out and see if it brightened up, which it did…at times! The course was still really wet after a lot of rain over the past few days. Certain parts of the course felt like winter, with lots of mud and standing water. The 2nd green even had a pond on it!

Saturday Golf - The Manor 2nd Green

I started poorly and realised quickly it probably wasn’t going to be my day. It was my putting that was really letting me down. I lost count if the number of putts from 3ft that I missed. Everything just slid past the hole. My putting cost me at least 6, maybe 7 shots.

That said, the rest of my game was fairly average too. The wind wasn’t helping as the ball was going nowhere. Come to think of it, the course wasn’t helping much either! Wet & muddy, although we were allowed to place on the fairways. The bunkers however (which are not great at the best if times!), should have been GUR, without a doubt. They were shocking. Full of water and like solid clay. Beyond poor. I suppose the obvious answer would be to not go in them!

Saturday Golf - Manor GC Bunkers

Off the tee, I was striking it ok, and for the most part I was hitting my irons pretty well too. But, I never felt ‘in the zone’ like I did on Thursday.

So, why is this. What makes Saturday golf so damn different? Is it the fact that these are the rounds that count for my handicap, and subsequently the success of the challenge? Is it the fact we’re off the white comp tees which are quite a bit further back? Is it because I just can’t play golf on days of the week beginning with S? Why can’t I just play the way I do midweek? Why am I such an idiot?

I spent some time looking around for answers…and found this. I wonder if I can learn anything from the video I found on Golfshake from Jon Finn, aka Pre Shot Golf?

So, for now, my handicap remains at 19.8, meaning I still have to lose 9.8 shots to get to my goal. I know I have the game…I just need to apply it to Saturday golf.

Anyone know how I can do that??