Saturday Comp – 26th October

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It’s Saturday competition day again at The Manor. Time to put my ‘work in progress’ swing to the test once again.

I had intended to approach today’s game somewhat differently. For once, I’d decided I would actually prepare by getting to the golf club a little earlier and hit a few balls. However, after a bad night of sleep with a poorly 11 month old that was not to be. So, standard ‘rock up and whack it’ approach it was!

I’ll be honest, the weather was not at it’s autumnal best. It’s rained for the last few days so the course is wet and muddy. Really wet and muddy! Not only that, we’re now on the winter mats. I understand that as well as preserving the tee boxes, this should make it a little easier on some holes. However, at The Manor, it makes many more difficult (hole 4…I’m looking at you!). As if all that wasn’t enough to contend with, I also have this new swing that I’m not supposed to think about. Jeez!

So, I have now given you my excuses…here’s what happened.

After my non existent warm up / practice I got to the tee with no real idea what was going to happen. I certainly didn’t feel confident. I tee’d up the ball and hit a reasonable drive on the 1st, slightly right but safe and still in decent position for attacking the green. I followed it with a great second shot that dropped about 15ft from the hole. The ball went exactly where I’d aimed. It was amazing! I’m not too sure what the swing actually looked like? Was I getting into the position I was supposed to be in? I was thinking about all the things Ryan and I have been working on, all the things I shouldn’t be thinking about. I couldn’t help it. It’s impossible not to. I’ll be honest right now, I’m not convinced it would look much like it was supposed to. Despite all that, I’ll take it! I got to the green, lined up the ball and two putted for a par. Played the second in pretty much the same manner and walked with another par. Through two holes, 2 under my handicap. What’s not to like about this new swing that I’m not thinking about doing?!¬†Next hole wasn’t particularly good, but scraped a 5 for bogey, still 2 under my handicap.

Then came hole 4. The dreaded hole 4. Horrible, nasty, evil hole 4. Its now off the mat at the back, further back than the white tees. It’s a par 3 over some woodland with a stream running through. Not too bad right? Except you have to thread the ball through a gap between the trees no wider than 30ft. It feels even smaller than that. The only way to play this is to hit it dead straight. It’s such an intimidating hole. To be honest, I’d pretty much told myself what was going to happen before I even took the club out of my bag. And my prediction didn’t disappoint. Hooked it left into the trees. Lost ball o’clock! Now I’m playing 3 off the tee! Ended up with a 6. Rubbish.
The rest of the round could be best summed up as average. It was scrappy. I scored ok and was largely saved by my putting. Some irons were ok, some were bad but somehow I got away with them. I was massively over thinking the swing now and as a consequence was getting myself into a pickle. It’s so hard to not think about it! Off the tee with the driver I was particularly bad. The thing is though, I have no idea what to do off the tee. Do I adopt my new iron swing? Do I use my old unreliable swing? Do I just whack it and hope for the best? God knows, I tried all the above with very little success.

The 16th was the highlight of the round, and meant I went away with a little bit of hope. It’s a par 3 over water, often difficult to judge the distance as the wind plays such a big part. I hit a lovely 8 iron, nice and high with a lovely little draw. It landed 15ft from the pin. I holed it for a birdie and 4 points.

As I walked off and added up my score I discovered I’d actually done ok. I finished with a 90, 2 under my handicap and 38 points. A definite improvement. What made it even more enjoyable later was when I got my email from with the results. I won my division!! Amazing. I can play golf!!!

If I’m honest…I was a little lucky. Ok, maybe a bit more than a little lucky, but you need a bit of luck sometimes right? Either way, I’m running with it!


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